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Born and raised Winnipegger


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I'm a 29 year old male (newly vegan); born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Little about me:: Back when I was in high school; I was learning about building muscle and lifting some weights, nothing serious, few months before I graduate I was in a car accident which injured my head, back, neck & shoulder. Was in a lot of pain for years I had loss interest in weight lifting and feed my body junk food.


About 3 years ago I reached my climax for weight gained also had problems with my asthma; started researched a lot of nutrition and choose vegetarianism no eggs, no milk and started doing some cardio work. To date I've lose 42lbs; my current goals are to loss 10lbs and gain 15-20lbs of muscle. Just got my weights out of storage last week, so my next step I guess is learning what foods I need to reach my goals.


O by the way December 24 2009, I declared myself vegan.

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