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Before Pictures as a Unhealthy Vegetarian NOW GOING VEGAN :)

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Here are my before pictures on a vegetarian diet. But i was a sloppy and lazy vegetarian. I didnt educate myself on it until recently and would have mostly carbs with little protein and veggies. A lot of fruit though. My diet was clearly not balanced and i hardly worked out but i am now hungry for new lessons on the vegan lifestyle. I want to learn as much as possible. So i thought i would show my starting point and hope to progress from here.


I know that I am not overweight by any means but I absolutely want to tone using a vegan diet. Any input would be appreciated...I can even handle constructive criticism as along as it is delivered with respect





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WOO! on going vegan! Last time I did a huge weight loss I was skinny but not much definition. Changing that this time around myself, and this time am vegan versus omni.


I think you'll do just fine. A combo of cardio and resistance training should allow you to tone nicely. I have both resistance bands and dumbbells and work out to various Beachbody programs. My fav right now is Brazil Butt Lift.

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