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my newest workout routine

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Although this isn't anything ground breaking I would like to get any advice on what I'm doing. Originally I was going to make this a two day split where I did each day three times a week. I will probably keep it at Day 1, Day 2, Rest, Day 1, Day 2, two rest days.

Everything except ab workouts will be 3 sets of 8 followed by a 4th set of 6.


week 1&2

chest, biceps, forearms, and calves - day 1


flat bench press

incline dumbbell press

alternating hammer curls

wide grip cable curls

dumbbell reverse wrist curls

standing calf raises

reverse crunches


shoulders, legs, back, and triceps - day 2


smith machine shoulder press

upright row


bent over barbell row


skull crushers

close grip chin ups



week 3&4

chest, biceps, and calves - day 1


incline barbell press

cable crossover

close grip cable curls

concentration curls

barbell wrist curls

leg-press calf raises

rope crunch


shoulders, legs, back, and triceps - day 2


dumbbell overhead press

dumbbell shrugs

alternating leg extensions

one arm dumbbell row

wide grip lat pulldown

romanian deadlift

rope pulldown

side bridges

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Looks like too much volume in some ways imo.


Example: Day 1 flat and incline presses will hit front delts and triceps reasonably hard, then on day 2 you're directly working both of them more, with only 1 rest day until you do it over again. Hitting a muscle 4 times a week with that amount of volume leaves inadequate time to recover, imo.


Also, hitting Biceps with 8 sets on day 1, then hitting your back the next day with biceps already pre-fatigued.


Same goes for week 3&4.


If it works for you, by all means go for it, just seems like those could be issues you may run into.

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