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Let's try this again


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I joined this forum, I think, in January 2009, with awesome intentions. Maybe this time those intentions will stick.


I've been vegetarian for more than 15 years, and I switched to vegan not quite a month ago. The transition has been pretty easy this time around.


I've never done much in terms of bodybuilding, but I am pretty active. I'm currently running between 10 and 15 miles per week, but normal for me is around 25 or 30. Maybe I'll get back up there, but I'm not currently training for any long races. I do have a marathon in mind for November. We'll see.


I also take karate lessons three times per week. I've been at it for 3+ years, and I estimate I've got another 1½ to go before I reach black belt. Maybe more.


I've started lifting for general strength off and on over the years, but never with a specific goal. I just finished reading Robert's book, which helped as motivation to make the switch to vegan, and is also pumping me up to get pumped up. Still, I'm a bit too scatter brained to get it all together on my own, so I'm starting with a personal trainer tomorrow.



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Welcome Gig!


Great to have you back!


Thanks for reading the book. So glad you enjoyed it!


Awesome to have you on the forum and I hope you stick around and participate, maybe keeping a journal on here.


All the BEST!



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