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So...My name's T and I'm not sure where to start


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My name’s Taija, Most can’t pronounce my name on the first try so “T” has been the trend. I decided to become Vegan utterly and completely overnight when I was 18. I was watching this show Taboo, curled up with my two dogs on the couch and an episode of the show came on where they did a documentary on Korea and how they bred the cutest little dogs to skin them alive and eat them. I remember hugging my dogs and looking at them, thinking “How could anyone ever want to eat you guys?”…Then my step dad walked in the house and yelled “Barbecue is ready!” Needless to say, I felt like a hypocrite. I had a salad instead. My mom decided to take the journey with me that night after I was on the computer researching vegetarian and veganism for several hours. So it was nice to have some support going through that =) She was a great cook too, but I couldn’t live with her forever!


I’m 20 years old and before going Vegan I had horrible eating habits: Fast food, piled cheese on everything I ate (Ice cream once, it wasn’t a pleasant experience), it was bad. I got to about 225lbs and after going Vegan that dropped dramatically to 165ish in a couple of months and that’s where I’ve stayed.


I was never really into fitness until just recently and I have to admit, I am completely out of my element. I was primarily raised by my dad, bless his heart, but the most he ever cooked growing up was Spaghetti and Steak, so I didn’t really learn any culinary skills aside from “buy, open box, throw in microwave” or “get in car, drive through the drive thru, food magically appears in lap”


I just recently started learning how to cook for myself, now that I’m on my own. after (I just realized I’m prattling on and I’m sounding kind of pathetic. Who the heck is 20 and can’t cook? Especially vegans?!) I take a multivitamin as well as B12, L Glutamine, and I take Pea Protein powder (Absolutely love the stuff) after my trainer told me 25g of protein with every meal. I tried to get a little bit of everything, so my diet pretty much consists of: Spaghetti, Portabello Mushroom Burgers marinated in teriyaki sauce, salad (ugh), Tofu veggie stirfry, Whole wheat tortillas with Soyrizo (aren’t these names ridiculous?) and salsa, and quinoa pilaf. I’ll make smoothies with almond milk(I don’t mind the soy milk, but I prefer the taste of almond) and frozen fruits. I eat fresh fruits and I’ll usually eat Celery w/ peanut butter or cut up carrots every day for my snacks. I’ll buy the veggie soy meat products and make sandwiches too. Sad to say, but that’s pretty much the span of how I’ve been living for two years with the occasional Miso/Veggie Broth soups or occasional experimentations from my cookbook.


So, as I said earlier, I recently got involved in fitness. I hired a personal trainer and I think he’s good as far as work outs go but he gave me a little shopping list and little guidance. He’s not vegan, so I don’t think he understands that I need help with my diet. I have no idea about anything what so ever when it comes to working out and what your body needs besides protein. I checked out the site for a couple days before joining the forums (You all seem so nice  so I decided to join) and I looked at a couple of the diet plans and tried them as a general guideline, but I don’t know if those are the kinds of diets I need. I look at some of them and think “Holy hell that’s a lot of food, is this diet supposed to be for a guy looking to put on 50lbs of muscle? Or a girl that’s trying to tone, reduce body fat and only build muscle in certain areas? Does the diet translate to both genders?”


I want my goal weight to get down to 150-155 tops. I’m 5’10’’. However, I am looking for help with a solid eating plan that I can depend on to help me with my work outs, if anyone could help me with that it would be greatly appreciated. I’m sure I’ll have more questions, but that’s the big one I’m focused on right now.


Looking forward to chatting with you all =) Meanwhile, I'll be browsing the forums =D


-Thanks, T!

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Hey T, great to have you aboard, congrads on the weight loss that's amazing, keep it up.

I just recently started learning how to cook for myself, now that I’m on my own. after (I just realized I’m prattling on and I’m sounding kind of pathetic. Who the heck is 20 and can’t cook? Especially vegans?!)

It's great your learning how to cook, I know a lot of 30 even 40 year olds that still don't know how to cook *sad*

Quinoa pilaf eh, hmmmmm thanks think I'm gonna make that for supper now.

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Hi T!


I'm late to your thread, but thought I'd salute another tall, female vegan working for better heath


I'm up around 6', 26 years old, have been a vegan for nearly 10 years, and my weight is at it's peak at 170. I too would love to get down to 150 again.


Welcome and I hope to see you around!



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