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Toxic Metals in protein drinks: Consumer Reports

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By comparison, the following average amounts of the metal lead may be found naturally in food, all of which are considered safe, but significantly above the measures of 3 servings of Optimum Nutrition products in the Consumer Reports tests. The U.S. Pharmacopeia proposed limit for lead in dietary supplements was 10mcg (10mcg= 10millionths of a gram):


FDA's publication Total Diet Study Statistics on Element Results (December 11, 2007), which analyzes 200 foods found in grocery stores four times per year, showed the following:


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So, do you think the whole thing is being blown out of proportion, or do we need to worry if we take vegan protein supplements too?
Typical, it's all about the ads revenue; though WebMD does also mention cadmium not sure how toxic that is but it was in the news; McDonald's recalls Shrek glasses cause of it.
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