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Worst movie you've ever seen?


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Star Trek is the best franchise in media history.


No exceptions.





Remodulate shield frequencies Mr. Worf.


Mr Crusher ramming speed.


The fans didnt leave star trek, the writers did.


TNG (most popular)

DS9 (best written)

TOS (most enduring)





Worst movies. Heavens Gate, St Elmos Fire, Alien sequels, Predator sequels, sequels to the original Superman movie. Jaws sequels. Fake Game of Death movie (criminal act) . Fat Seagal movies. Van Damme movies.

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quote Richard: I really hate Magnolia and Donnie Darko, I think they are my pet hates.


Richard I thought Donnie Darko was your favorite movie ? I think you said that before. Or maybe it was someone else...

Hah, there's no way that I said that! I've always hated it, must have been somebody else

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