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Rom, ready for duty!!


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Hey all,


first excuse me for my bad/funny English, but it's not really my first language


I am 33y old, working and living in/around Brussels.

I am not a total vegan, I am a ovo-lacto-vegetariër, and I recently started using creatin, but since this seemed the best forum with the most knowledge on what I am looking for, I hope you can 'forgive' me not being a vegan.


My vege-history:

- was pescovegetarian when I was 16y old, "just becoz it was cool". After 1 year, I stopped (weakness, concentration problems...). Now, of course, I realize that I did everything as wrong as I could...

- around 4y ago, I met my (now ex)-gf, who was a lacto-pesco-veg, and she started explaining me why/how... I started thinking about all this, and realized I shared the same ideas and went vege too.

- most important reasons for me: love for animals, environmental issues...

- best experience: trip to India. More than 50% of restaurants/snack-bars have 'VEG' written on wall... No need to ask 'if they have maybe possibly something veg?'


My sports-history:

- only started practicing sports when I was around 24y old. Always been skinny, and wanted to gain muscles .

- did lots of different things, but never really commited myself into something, except: LesMills!

- was during 6years instructor RPM, BodyPump, BodyAttack and freestyle Indoor Cycling. Due to several reasons, I quit instructing for a while (getting quite fat), but started with RPM again 2months ago.

- my love for the heavy iron started when I was 24y, but quit (again) after 2 months (too boring, injuries...). Did only technogym-machine work. Now since 1/1/2010, I started up again, working my way up to more barbell/dumbbel-training.

- target: hypertrophy (and power)

- 4 days bodybuilding a week in a 4split (RPM - chest/biceps - RPM - day off - legs/abs - back/triceps - shoulders/abs).

- stats

lowest fat%: 6.5%, now around 19%.

33y old

5.87 feet tall, weight 182

- PR's: (yeah, not too high, but only training since 5months, remember)

benchpress: 165

regular deadlift: 266

squat (only down to 90degree knee-flexion becoz of knee-problems): 356

military press: 110


And for the animal-lovers: I got 6 cats, and a lovely chicken (no need to buy those eggs of his poor factory-brothers!)


first question: can I only add an avatar by linking to a picture on another site? No uploading to forum possible?

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