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Vegan in Iowa


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Hey Everyone!

I just bought Robert's book and am really excited to receive it soon! I have been vegan for about 3 months now...ever since reading Alicia's book 'The Kind Diet'. I am a runner, teacher, newbie traithlete, and am seeking new adventures all the time. I figured, in order to sustain the energy and fitness levels needed for new adventures, it would be important for me to learn more about veganism and endurance sports. I am really looking forward to learning from the community here, from m new book (yay), and I hope, in receiving all this knowledge, to encourage others to eat healthier as well.

I have been clicking around the site and am a bit overwhlemed. Can you recommend a good place for me to start? As I said I am looking to learn more about being active and a vegan. Thank you!



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I am near Iowa City...can you tell me more about Team Green?



click on the link in my sig., our website has all our info on there. basically vegans and vegetarian athletic club, most of us to triathlon or marathons...with some beginners doing 5k & 10k races. we also do group events and training and potlucks, etc...we have vegan training and race gear for cycling, swimming, running, TRI, gym gear, shirts, etc...all with vegan/ animal rights quotes on the merch.

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