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Just got my P1 in Krav Maga!

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I just had my first Krav maga test on Saturday, it was two hours of nonstop drills and exercises in a concrete-walled room with no windows in about 40 degree heat (that's 104 for you Americans ) and 100% humidity. I've never sweat so much in my life, and I got some nice bruises, but I passed! There are 5 "practitioner" levels, P1-P5, so I just got my P1 as they call it.


Looks like I was the fastest P1 in the organization. My instructor is the director of the Canadian branch of the IKMF, and refuses to test anyone he thinks could fail. He normally tests after 6-12 months. A week before the test, he had a "mock test" where he ran through technique drills so he could see who was ready. He came up to me afterwards and said that he wasn't planning to test me (since I've only been there a couple of months), but that he was really impressed by my technique, and that I must have been practicing on my own between classes. Which is true, since I've recently replaced running with heavy bag work and krav drills for my cardio workouts.


Long story short...I'm super stoked because I've put a lot of time and effort into my krav maga training these past couple of months, and can't believe he chose me to test, and that I passed!

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Thanks, guys!


Cold Fission - it's a recent development. Honestly, I've always wanted to do martial arts. I just always felt like I was small and weak and had no confidence that I could ever do well at it. Even my choices of exercise - different types of running, mostly - were geared more toward running away than confronting danger . But finding this site, taking up powerlifting and actually building some muscle made me realize that I could be "that ass-kicking vegan" instead of "that scrawny-ass vegan". So a couple of months ago I took the plunge, and have found a real passion for it. My only regret is that my schedule will limit me to one art, max...if I could fit it in, I'd totally love to take up BJJ and Muay Thai as well. I chose Krav because I wanted something as practical as possible, and also because I'm half Israeli so I figured it would be cool to try something home-grown!


It definitely awakened something in me, though! Just ask the guys I was throwing around during the test

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Congrats on your Phase1, thought that was some months ago. I assume your well into your P2 training by now. Wait for your next test where you have to not only do all your P1 material, but you have to take a full P1 test. Oh the things we put ourselves through.


I have done the Phase training for instructors and thats a week of full day training. I recommend it to anyone who gets the oppurtunity.

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