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Conrad's Progess Shots

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im new to the forums, and wanted to post photos of where i am at now, and my progress. Ive been vegan for 8 years and vegetarian for 7 years before that. Im 28 and 6 foot 4 inches tall. Today i am 213 lbs.


Over the years, (especially in University) i have been going back and forth with working out. I would get busy with exams, or get sick and i would stop working out for a few months. I then would get back into it for a few months, and then id stop.


Now, ive decided to get more serious, and have been going to the gym 5-6 days a week (alternating cardio one day, strength training the other day). Ive been at it since the beginning of the year, and want to keep going.


I will keep posting some new photos along the way. Want to get rid of my little bulge, and build up some more mass (not too much, but more then now).









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1 Month Update!


So, this last month has been a month of improvement.

1)I have gained some weight 210ish lbs to 220lbs

2)Today i bench pressed on my third set 145lbs (never did that before) at 9 reps

3)I can barbell bicep curls at 75 lbs (3rd set at 8 reps) (never was able to do that either)


Some things im not proud of: still have belly fat (I have an excuse... i have bursitis in my hip (still hurts and its been 4 weeks) and cant do any cardio because of it)

I guess there will be time to shave that stuff off.






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