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Make your FB and Twitter profile pic one with my book...


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And get hooked up.


Per my note on my Book FB page:


Since I'm getting so many give-away items for promotional purposes I got another idea Anyone who keeps a photo of them with my book as their avatar pic for a week will get a free gift package of over $20 value. Just take a creative (or boring) pic of you with my book and make it your profile pic. You get hooked up! -Robert


If you make Both FB and Twitter profile pics a pic of you with my book I'll hook you up with even more extras.


I have stuff and want to give it away simply by having you help me promote a book that is powerful and has been inspiring people all over the world.




Looking forward to seeing your pics!


Post them on my FB wall so I can see them and I'll email you to get your mailing address.


We'll also create a poll on this forum and open it up to voting. The photo that gets the most votes will get a $100+ value gift prize filled with lots of vegan products.


Thanks so much!





Some examples I already found on FB and Twitter:












Get hooked up and thanks so much for helping me spread the word about my book!

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A few more I found online to give you some ideas.


Feel free to be as creative as you want!









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They are Facebook friends. Never met either of them, but both are great supporters of what I'm doing and have been in touch for a while via email and Facebook.


I did this over a year ago having people wear the Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness t-shirts in photos to help build the brand recognition and bump sales of clothing as I was funding a movie and it was great....so I'm bringing it back to help continue to fund the book as it will bring more attention to the boo, and it allows people to be creative and promote something that has impacted their life in a positive way.


Looking forward to seeing more on FB and Twitter!





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Finding more.......






Where you at?


All you have to do is make it a profile pic and put a link to it and I send you a gift package for helping me spread the word!





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Wow, that is sooooo cool!


Thanks so much!


I really, sincerely appreciate it! I love how people are embracing this book and my efforts to get it read by as many people as possible.


Not a sales pitch, but in case you missed it....I'm doing some promo this week while I have a bunch of give-away stuff, that if you order 3 books at a time from http://www.veganbodybuildingbook.com you get a $200 value package full of all kinds of things from a variety of vegan products, supplements to DVDs, other books, etc. I've got a bunch of things donated by great companies as forms of advertising for them and I'm giving them away with large quantity orders from http://www.veganbodybuildingbook.com while supplies last.


It's the biggest give-away so far and it's fun for me.


You're also getting your bonus package for making your profile pic one with my book all week long.


Thanks again for that! -Robert



A couple more that I found. Peeps are getting hooked up!





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Another awesome one posted today....this one has a great chance of winning the $100+ value prize package.


The more creative/fun the better! Post as many as you like



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