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The Girl Picked Last in High School Gym Class


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You know the girl....the one that no one wanted on their team? Well, that was me many many moons ago. I am now a personal trainer and getting ready to compete in a fitness competition in August. Have been dabbling with being vegetarian off and on for a while. Was a flexitarian where I only ate meat twice a week.....


I admit the past few months I had to give up meat due to the cost. Beans and lentils are just so much cheaper. But since then, my physique has actually gotten better. Sharper even. I am thinking maybe my body just responds better on a plant based diet.


I gave up a nursing job to pursue my passion- fitness, after my own weight loss. It was hard being a single mom and surviving on a pt paycheck in the beginning. I had to give up meat products and was sure my fitness would suffer. But it did not. I just continued with it even as my finances improved.


Thinking about going totally vegan now. Am a little scared of being in the competition in August where I'll be competing against women who probably eat a whole chicken a day.

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I was the boy who no one wanted on their team. All the people I have seen from my school days who were the "jocks" are all chunky. Almost makes me want to go to a class reunion. Almost.


So true! I wanted to go to my high school reunion to show all the girls that didn't want me sitting next to them in lunch and told me to find a seat elsewhere....and show all the boys that didn't ask me out on dates....


that I look FABULOUS.


almost all of my classmates are now, ahem,,,much much bigger.


People never believe me when I say I never dated in high school. But it's true. I never did go to my 15 yr reunion. I decided that I didn't want to spend money to fly back to my hometown and spend the weekend with people that I didn't really like and vice versa.


I have facebook now to show my frenemies what I look like.

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I was also the fat loser kid in gym class. Now I go back to my home town fit and fabulous and a lot of the 'hot' girls from high school are quite heavy and work dead end jobs. It's petty, and it shouldn't give me satisfaction, but it does.


Anyway, I think you look GREAT! Good luck on your upcoming competition. You are so right, beans and lentils are a great way to save money, I eat them a LOT.

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I was also that girl, of course I was around 40 lbs heavier (soda and snickers bars for breakfast will do that to a girl, lol!)


I'm going to my husbands high school reunion a week after my first figure show (I can't wait to have him show me off! not to mention it's in FL., I think I may just live in my bikini!! )


Where is your show in August (my first is also in August), welcome to the forum by the way, you look great!

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Heya! Welcome! I was that kid too...except I was just not athletic at all. Scrawny, awkward, and never really understood the concept of competition. Now I play roller derby and I'm actually pretty good at it And I'm working on gaining more muscle. Anyways, good luck with your show! See ya around the forum

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Ugh, eating a whole chicken a day?




Well, that sounds disgusting even before I became vegan.


I would not usually be picked at all in p.e. back in elementary in junior high school (in high school we got out of that by being in marching band. yay!), and instead would be assigned a team by the teacher, much to their dismay. Wasn't particularly heavyset back then, just not athletic, not coordinated, hated objects flying through the air at me (Keep my eye on the ball? To hell with that! I'm dodging it and then running the other way), etc. I don't have any great "Hey, look at me now!" experiences to post since I've only been training with a focused intent the last month, but I feel a lot better at least! =D


Plant based will save you a ton of cash, and, I believe, give you an advantage over the "chicken a day" women anyway. Good luck on the competition, and just remember all the wonderful effects bio amplification is having on those poor omnivore ladies :/ Keep at it!


And welcome to the forums!


Paul B

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I was always picked first.


Just kidding! I had my share of being picked first, toward the front and toward the back. I was always athletic but was super scrawny and skinny. I like how your forum intro post brought out so many stories from our community.


Welcome to the team!


Great to have you here. PS, I'll be in Chicago for VeggieFest August 7th and 8th. I competed 5 times last year but taking a break this year. All the best in your upcoming contests!



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Does anyone else have nightmares from dodgeball? Not the one with opposing teams, but the one against a wall? I remember so many times getting pegged in the head and having my head smack into the brick wall behind me. I seem to remember being picked off early in most games. Once in a bluemoon, I would catch the ball and be the thrower. Some people said I threw like a girl, but I wish I did because all the girls threw better than me. I was lucky to get anyone out when I was the thrower.

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I was also the fat loser kid in gym class. Now I go back to my home town fit and fabulous and a lot of the 'hot' girls from high school are quite heavy and work dead end jobs. It's petty, and it shouldn't give me satisfaction, but it does.


Anyway, I think you look GREAT! Good luck on your upcoming competition. You are so right, beans and lentils are a great way to save money, I eat them a LOT.




Went to my high school reunion for precisely that purpose. I owed it to my 16 year old self to do so. It was faaaabulous.

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I was never picked for sports, I was fat and weird and had a small penis. Welcome to the forum


Well, I was skinny and back in the 80's- biracial. Not as cool as it is now! Lol.


My peers made sure I didn't belong and I really felt it in gym class.


Off topic, but if anyone read my one post regarding smoking, about um...hipsters....yeah I am sure there are some of you hipsters on this board. Fabulous. Just don't get upset when I go on my anti-hipster rant.


I might have had, one friend...my whole entire elementary and high school existence. I remember wanting to fit in so bad and it just never happened.


Back then, growing up in a depressed rust belt town the majority of people were poor. I biked everywhere since my parents didn't own a car except for a few months when I was 10 and then again when I was 18. I didn't see it as being sporty or exercise. Just a necessity.


Well, after the army (yes, I loved it. People actually LIKED me! And my mean Drill Sgts, unlike my gym teachers, saw I had potential and encouraged me to run, run, run!) I still biked in the Army and continued it when I got out into the civilian world.


I remember hearing about something called Critical Mass when I first moved to Chicago. Thought it would be fun and I'd meet people, just like me! Boy, was I wrong!


To them I looked like miss conservative. I wasn't wearing crazy clothes with Che on them, dyed hair, multiple piercings and didn't have a vintage bike or one of those messenger type bikes.


I bought my bike at Kmart. I had cute little prissy shorts on(after being in the Army I dress extremely girly girl), and a frilly top with my nails painted.


I remember feeling like I thought I would finally fit in with my fellow bicyclists, since I liked biking and wow...I felt in the middle of that critical mass ride just like I did in gym class. Isolated.


I really missed being in the Army at that time. The only place I truly fit in. I still remember before the ride people passing out flyers to arts show, vegan potlucks...


And for some reason these people passing out flyers didn't pass one out to me. They just bypassed me, maybe due to my non-dreadlocked hair and my overly girly girl appearance.


Anyways,,as a person who never did fit in, I sometimes cannot understand those people like hipsters who try so hard to not look mainstream. And try to not fit in with the general public.


But they end up looking like everyone else in their quest to look so different.


Anyways, I am glad now I don't fit in. Trying to look like a hipster is conforming in it's own way. There's a neighborhood in Chicago called Wicker Park that is just full of these look alikes. They all think they are different and unique rocking out to their indie bands on their ipods...while I still rock out to Britney Spears and listen to rap and R&B.


I actually did get asked out by this vegan guy who I think immediately lost interest in me after he asked my musical taste. I showed him my ipod . Note to self..remember to talk about bands no one has ever heard of to maintain vegan cred(just kidding).


So yes, now you all know a little bit more about apriltrainer. High school loser, Former Army Sergeant, lover of dance and R&B music, and anti-hipster.


Would I like to meet more non-meat eaters here in Chicago? Of course! But although I left my high school self a long time ago, a big part of that is with me. I still remember that Critical Mass ride and wonder if I would even fit in with other vegans.


Any other former military here who are vegans?


I've met one other.(actually she's a vegetarian. She does eat eggs,milk and cheese.) She's a trainer too. Aside from that, no one else. And neither of us really associate with other vegans. I think we look too....mainstream and we don't wear Che shirts. Ok, maybe that's a stereotype too. But usually the people out representing being meatfree are the ones in those kind of shirts..the ones that bypass me...grr.....


I guarantee you put someone like me with abs you can count, passing out flyers...I'd probably have hell of a lot more people listening! (I mean, I had a c-section for god's sake , in my mid-30's and now have a six pack..hee hee. That's right I like to brag now. it's easy to have nice abs while childless and in your 20's. Try doing that after having your abs cut open to have a child while not in one's prime!)


People ask me constantly what kind of exercises I do and what I eat(while I jog! Everyday without fail! )


So yes I'd love to meet other vegans...just don't want to relive my high school experience and feel that loneliness again in a group of people I actually share similar beliefs with.


I might be 34 but that 18 yr old loner is still inside.

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This presentation is great. I'd actually like to meet you (if I wasn't accross the ocean )


I understand deeply how you feel. I was a loner too (that only changed in late high school).

I think it profundly affected the way I interact with people, even today, where I often enjoy reading an interesting book more than getting drunk in group (althought getting drunk might be fun sometimes)


Staying alone for a long time scars us because it forces us to think, in our solitary times... And it makes us live better and stronger.


I also appreciate your comments on hipsters... I have always found Che T-schirt to be profundly stupids ("The capitalism selling t-schirts against capitalism, it is some kind of magic"). Sometimes being a hippie is just another word for "doing nothing of my life and smoking pot all day" - which isn't a life in my opinion.

No matter who you are you should always lead your life cleverly. Then, people would be fitter and us vegan not seen as some kind of freaks.


Anyhow, I'm glad to have read your story, you look like someone with a unique personallity.

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I tried to fit into the "Animal Rights/Vegan Community" and ended up getting screwed out of thousands of dollars when I put on a VegFest. The Veg Society of Colorado was who I put it on for, and some of the board members actually worked to sabotage the event. Then they accused me of stealing money and finally they refused to pay me back over $3,400.


They did this because I told the wife of the Chairman that she didn't need to work on the VegFest anymore because she sent out a press release full of errors and never had anyone spell check or even review it. She didn't even have the correct email.


I could easily sue them, but I fear the media would jump on that and it would severely disrupt the animal right/vegan community. Instead, I swallowed my pride and left. Only a few people who worked on the VegFest know the truth. The rest of the community has been told lies by those members of the VSC. What really disgusts me are the number of people who blindly listened to this couple without asking me for my side of the story. So many people who claimed to be my friends never even asked me what really happened. They just attacked me in emails. I thought people in this community would be more free thinking, but really, most of them are just blind followers.


I have very few friends now. I have learned that when friendship comes easily, it is often not worth much. I won't work in animal rights again, and instead focus on vegan outreach by being the best example I can be. I plan to become a nutritionist and PT when I get out of debt, and then go up too all the overweight people at the gym killing themselves on the stair master and hand them my card. LOL

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