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Hey folks.

Cellar Yeti

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I'm Kyle from San Diego. I've had the notion of becoming vegetarian/vegan for a couple years now but my gastroenterologist never gave me the ok. I've got Crohn's/Disease Ulcerative Colitis and an ileostomy and my gastro was always concerned with blockages from seeds and nuts and strictures from fiber.


My diet has been very good since I started weightlifting 3 years ago. I was doing some research a few weeks ago looking to replace my meat eggs and dairy with cruelty free products and came across a disturbing website on factory farming and slaughter houses. Needless to say it really struck a chord with me and I spent the better part of an hour crying. Now I am a pretty tough guy, I've been through the wringer both physically and emotionally and I consider myself extremely solid but this really brought me to my knees. It was then I made the commitment to remove animal products from my diet even if I had to do it gradually.


So yeah, woohoo. See you around.

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no need to be ashamed/embarrassed about crying when you see such cruelty happening, i dont watch alot of those type of videos anymore (but i have seen them) because it pains me too much to watch them (i sob like a baby). I do think though that if everyone in the world saw what went on, 90% of the world would become vegan. It pisses me off when i send someone a link and they say 'i dont want to watch it because if i do i'll become vegetarian and i dont want to because i like meat!' That REALLY winds me up!


Sorry to hear you have crohn's, i heard the best thing for that was to give up meat (i am by no means a Dr. though!) Ive met a couple of people with it and unfortunately they dont look after themselves at all.


Anyhoo, enough of me babbling on!

take care!

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So today is my first day as a vegan. I had 3 days of eggs left and a day of milk left but I gave them to my neighbor. And through my research I've decided I am going to just become vegan straight out of the gate. Gave away/consigned/threw away any leather/wool I had, gave my old weightlifting belt to a friend with some fish oil, and gave my lifting gloves as well as my motorcycle gloves away to some dude at the gym. I just purchased some 70/30 rice/pea protein online as well as some green tea caps and flaxseed oil. I also just did my first vegan shopping trip, spent a few hours at the store crunching numbers. Bought up some emergency rations of canned garbanzo beans, pinto beans, black beans, frozen peas, spinach, and mixed veggies. and a few lbs of lentils, brown rice, broccoli, bananas, and berries.


I still have a few things to hammer out but I am confident with my nutritional knowledge and awareness of my own body. I am practicing slight caloric restriction for my health (about 25%), so my kcal have been dropped to 1,800 from 2,300 at 5'6 143lbs. I am expecting some muscle loss but this is a new chapter in my life. My macros are 33/33/33 even.


This morning I meditated and tried to come to a peace for the last 22 years of my life. I'm very spiritual and I hope I can garner forgiveness from nature over time, just two weeks ago I didn't even really acknowledge my warpath, 12oz of meat a day, 6 eggs, 1/4 gallon milk. My whole view and perspective has shifted over the past weeks. I justified eating meat for years even through my spirituality by suggesting there was a 50/50 balance, an even trade, but there is no even trade off of me getting animal products from some bastard corporation who make a career torturing and murdering innocent creatures. I never gave these animals anything back. It's an atrocity and I know I am preaching to the choir here but it hurts me so bad looking back at the scar I've left.


Anyway, I guess I just move forward. Man, Iced coffee taste so much better with almond milk.

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<----san diego too.


if you are looking for workout partners, exercise programs or maybe to coem to some vegan potlucks and movie nights, check out my signature.


Wow, that is pretty wicked. I actually just moved here and I don't really know anyone so it'd be pretty sweet to meet people with similar interests and ideals, make some new friends and experience some new cuisine.

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