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Robert Cheeke's new book!

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I just ordered THE book.. I'm so excited.. I need guidance!!! I'm trying to do this on my own but its very difficult when you want to build some muscle. It gets very confusing.. I have been working out and I'm starving all the time and I eat more nut butters than I should.. I'm starting to get more of a belly!! Obviously I'm doing something wrong. I hope to get my book real soon!!

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Thanks both of you!


I really appreciate the great support!


It means so much. If the book hasn't arrived yet, it will soon. I've been on the road the entire past week from CA to TX with a few stops along the way.


All the best and thanks again! You rock!



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Awesome! Thanks so much for supporting Vegan Essentials! I wish I had that turnaround time on delivery, and I do in some cases, but certainly not all as I'm often behind on shipping, traveling, etc.


Glad you're enjoying the book. That is great!


All the BEST


PS. I think I'll be in DC as planned...just not with a table. But if more books get there in time I may have another company who already sells the book in their store promote it a the conf. for me.

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I received mine today Already read a few pages.. Love it so far!!

It definitely shows that there can be a lot more to a bodybuilder than just muscles.. So much compassion and wise thoughts.. Really awesome!!!

I feel like this book is not only going to teach me a lot about nutrition and fitness, but also about life. (Like f.ex. to follow one's dreams)

Guess I'll finish it in just a few days, and am already looking forward to more books to come.


Oh and thanks so much for the card!! It put a huge smile on my face that I'm sure hasn't vanished for the rest of the day

Also, the book arrived within less than a month after I ordered it.. Last time I ordered something from the US it took way longer than that, so you really don't have to apologize for the delay!


Thanks for writing this book and sharing your thoughts with the world!

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