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No Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness table at AR this year

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Hey everyone,


I haven't been on the forum in more than a week. Just a quick update. I won't have a VB&F table at the AR Conf. after all. I don't have the funds to make it happen, nor anything to have at it. I'm totally out of clothing, DVDs, books and everything else.


I'm even debating attending the festival at all. I'm in Texas at the moment, been living out of my car for a week. I'm now the real life Matt Foley from Saturday Night Live, the motivational speaker who lives in a van down by the river! I have a place to stay for free in DC, but I have to get myself there and register for the conference and things like that. I am scheduled to lead fitness classes and give a talk so I probably "should" show up, but I also don't have any money and I'm living out of my car so I have to think about what is best for me too.


Would love to see a bunch of you this summer at AR so I'll see what I can do.


Hmmm, lots to think about.



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I would be willing to throw in $100 to help with costs. Maybe a few others can as well.


I really think AR people need to think about health and learn how to promote it as a way of defending animals. It is so much easier and effective to convince someone to become vegan for health reasons then to convince them to stop wearing leather shoes.

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Awww I was really looking forward to the morning workouts! But definitely do what you have to do. I understand funds being tight. I'm going to be struggling the next few months after the conference for sure! I'm only able to go because of the $20/night rooms! I hope everything works out for you!


And Matt Foley rocks

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Thanks everyone,


I was thinking about AR all day yesterday and was going to write them an email saying I wasn't going to be able to come after all, but actually got "too busy" trying to promote my book and get to the gym and over to my talk I gave in Austin last night and didn't get around to it. Then sitting with a friend at dinner I decided I should go, and that I can rally some more online book orders before the trip to fund it, and even if I don't have any books when I get there I can still share with some people what I'm up to these days.


The event is fun, and I enjoy going, but I lose a bunch of money every year I go, year after year. Even if I sell a bunch of vegan bodybuilding clothing or something like that, the sheer costs of flight, hotel, $500 tabling fee, food, commuting, etc. make it really hard.


This year I'm driving. I'm in Texas now and planned to head to WI to hang out with VeganEssentials before AR but I might just go directly to DC from Texas since I'm having so much fun here.


I do have a place to stay and since people are interested in the fitness classes, we can make some really fun stuff happen.


So I guess this is my announcement that I am coming to AR, I just won't have a table since I don't have anything to put on the table, not even literature. I'll just hang out this year which goes along well with my own personal theme this summer of self discovery, lower stress and being at peace with myself and those around me.


See you this summer.

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PS @Ducati thanks so much for the offer! I really appreciate it! I think I'll be fine to travel there and once there I have a place to stay and since I'm driving I'll have transportation, so I think I'll be all set.


I might even have some books by then. Hard to say, but they might be printed just in time for the final days of the conference. We'll see.


Thanks again for the offer to help get me there. I think I'll be alright.


But if you or anyone else know anyone interested in ordering my book from www.veganbodybuildingbook.com that helps out big time as it gets my important subject matter into the hands of others and immediate funds into my account which all goes toward printing more books.


Thanks again...you rock!



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Awww, thanks so much!


I am working so hard too. Even gave a talk at Whole Foods Market World Headquarters 2 days ago, Rip Esselstyn's house for a talk last night, a party 2 days before that, giving as many talks as I can, inspiring as many people as I can.


Thanks for the support!


Catch up soon!


Again, I appreciate the offers. I'm just grinding it out knowing that I have the ability to out-work almost anyone, I just have to find some smarter and more efficient ways to do it It's coming together and soon I'll be on my 5th printing! It's just expensive since it's self published, but it's on its way to being a best-seller.



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