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Well I see many of the usual members here on the Forum have kinda dropped off. I being one of them. I think it is just because we all got so much to do and get involved in that we spend less time on the forum. I personally use this less because of facebook being where you interact with friends... I still rep VBB hard with my bumper sticker and T-shirts. Specially how to feel great and full of energy day to day.


Although I get the idea that people who read the VBB bumpersticker think it is a joke or something... at least I saw a mom point to the bumper sticker and the teenage kid laughed! ... interesting.



Robert I know is doing awesome with his book and travel and I am glad that things are well for him. Just cause I am not here fellow members does not mean I forgot you all... You all inspire in your own way!


I will make an effort to get on here more often to see what is new on the front of VBB.

Wish everyone well!



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I personally use this less because of facebook being where you interact with friends...


Not anymore. With Facebook making private information public without consent or even notice I've started coming to VBB more.


There is a project called Diaspora. It will be a social networking site ( what Facebook is ) that uses open source software and a distributed network not under any one groups control. It is due out in the fall.


Once that comes along I'm sending a note to my FB friends and then getting out of Facebook.



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Yeah there's quite a few frequent posters who have completely disappeared in the past few months. I guess that's partly just the nature of any forum, but it does feel especially dead around here recently.


I find Facebook good for keeping in touch with people I know, but I'm not one to go friending hundreds of people who I've never met simply because they share some group with me. I still find the message board / forum format better for discussing distinct topics with people who I don't necessarily know well.

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Well after being out of forum contact for a long break of about 2 years, I came on here again and quickly found there was less action. Sad. I'll be coming on more for sure, but I just hope there will be more activity to jive with, over, on, about... lol.

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Hey buddy,


Yeah FB has changed everything. Even when I lived with forum members like Jessifly, Tasha, Speaklow, etc. they all dropped off to use FB and many others all over the world too. It's really hard to compete with FB and now Twitter and a few other sites as well.


I started the forum more than half a decade ago and even I'm not on that much anymore...mostly due to my insane busy travel schedule and the fact that I do use FB a ton because it is the most effective platform I've ever used to promote any idea, project or product.


That being said, I actually felt like the forum was busier than it has been in a while...it's just a whole new group and that is totally cool.


I'm still in touch with many of the old school forum members via email, FB, etc. In fact I saw a few this week, quite a few actually!


One thing I find effective is to post links from the forum on FB and Twitter. This always draws people in and I get new members joining daily when I do this, as well as 200-80 people browsing the forum at a time when I do post links from the forum on FB and Twitter. A few end up joining each time.


We are actually growing faster than ever, even if it doesn't seem like it If you look at the introductions section and the memberlist growing you can see this.


Mostly from cross posting to FB and Twitter. I encourage you to all do the same whenever you find cool stuff on here....share it!


Thanks for hanging in there everyone. FB is a beast, the best site we've seen. I appreciate you all hanging with us here in VBB. I really enjoy being in touch with each of you.


All the best!



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