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Vegan Online Training Program Going Bye-Bye So Sign Up Now

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Hi everyone;


I've had such a busy month my head is spinning.


I'm opening an Eco-Friendly training studio July 5th but if that weren't enough....


I am phasing out my Online Training and Diet program BECAUSE........


I got an offer I couldn't refuse from a worldwide Vegan food delivery service called Gobble Green to be their spokesperson and diet consultant. It means quadruple the traffic to my website... DVD sales... media appearances and more... BUT.... part of the deal is that I no longer offer my online training and diet program. I will have a service that offers Food Log Assessment though for those who just want tips on what they're currently eating but that is all.


SO... I've gotten hundreds of emails in the past 6 months of people interested but never signed up so this is probably the last chance. I think the new website will probably be up in 2 weeks under veganpersonaltraining.com and then I'm legally not allowed to do my diet and training programs anymore for the time being, so sign up now or forever hold your peace jk



Love you guys and thanks for the continued support

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thanks everyone!


Yes pazios, there will be training DVD videos on the site in the next couple of months for purchase.


There's an intro video on there now talking about the program and we filmed some informational videos as well that should be available in the next couple of days on gobblegreengym.com or melissabrey.com


Excited to be working with them...

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