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German VEGAN powerlifters set national records!!!


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I love it. I was trying to find the specifics of the records that were broken, but I can't find them(s). Any idea what they were?


No idea, but trying to determine who holds actual powerlifting records is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There are about 100 different federations, all with their own records, allowances of use of equipment (bench shirts, squat suits, etc.), drug testing policies, etc. that make it a confusing mess.


The main raw PL federation in the USA has the world records around this for the 242 lb. weight class (which is what I assume both of them competed in)


Squat - 650 lbs.

Bench - 447 lbs.

Deadlift - 750 lbs.


So, you can see the variances in totals for records based on what federation a person decides to compete in with the records Jakob set vs. what a top-level federation's records are. Where a lift might break a record in one PL federation, it might not even crack the top 50 in another - such is the goofy sport of powerlifting!


*NOTE* - I'm not in any way trying to take away from the accomplishments of our brothers in iron by comparing their lifts to the current top-of-the-game totals. They did great, but just making a point to say that the smaller the meet/federation, the more likely a record is to be set!

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