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Meh...was bored...hiked a mountain.


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-Woke up round 9....was bored so did a lil homework on a new mountain I heard of.

-Drove bout 2.5 hours into mountains and set foot.(alone...everyone was hungover,etc)

-Left and it was +25C (85F?) got to bottom of mountain and it was +8C(50-60F?).anout minus 5C (20-30F?) at least at the top.

-Hike was bout 5 km one way-bout 4 hours one way.elevation gain of a few thousand feet.

-Some some bald eagles,beavers,a wolverine(!!),few bears and a GRIZZLY-first one this season ive seen.Beeeautifull animal!!sry no pix..you dont look away for a second with a griz!

-Tooks some pix and vid....one of tha craziezt hikes in a while (dumb to go alone this one!)

-Hope you enjoy!srs

-Thx for looking!

























Heres allmost at the top.WOOOOOOOOO (on the "cariboo highway" ridge)


********CAUTION.... ADULT LANGUAGE********(near end-mod delete if need be)





















The "cariboo highway".Steeper then it looks!





Dedication and persistence is rewarded with a veiw that few get to enjoy!(cept the pic sux lols)






Nother one at the top....place was raw and brutal!!absolutly desolite in every sense.










Me-the green tea ginger kid!! (yes wore a wife beater as always....ran for about a Km on the top so I was warm though it was at east minus 5 up there minus the winds-hence the hair haha).



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Whats with the shotgun?



had to bury my neigbor...you know how it is! ...jk though I do like like the devils son in that pic lols.



Nahhh....mainly bear defense among other big animals up here.Total last resort...ussualy a blank shot in the air does it.Saw 3 bears.


Keep in mind im i the midde of no were...no cell service,people,for hundrd+ miles.

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