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SonofSeitan's Progress

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Week one progress. Only 2 p90x workouts (not counting today's), but I've been doing about 20 min a day of general working out and been eating healthy and watching my portions for once. Also not drinking (except Sat and Sunday...and just gin&tonic)




I made a dent!

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I should say that I was drinking a bottle of wine a night, so a good portion of weight loss was prolly putting that to an end! It'll be tougher to shed from here on out I'm guessing...my arms feel stronger though which is cool.


Off to a good start!


Never underestimate the impact cutting down on drinks can have for fat loss - now that I only have maybe 3-4 drinks per week vs. going out every other night, it's made a hell of a difference.


Keep it up!

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one month progress! still keeping my diet at 1300-1600 calories a day and only drinking booze on the weekends (and still not nearly as much as I used to). I'm usually doing 30-40 min of P90X a day..not really eating enough calories for too much of that. I'm more concentrating on losing weight, and getting in better overall shape. Once I'm down to 190, I'll figure out where I wanna go...



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