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Vege's progress

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You're on the right track. Maybe it's just because your pictures this time shower lower on the leg. your vastus lateralis muscle (i believe) is looking super. It's sticking out quite a bit.


but, i agree. bigger is better. and make sure you rip out of your jeans before you stop wearing them, just to prove a point.

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Do share / summarize in short this Armstrong training thats been working well for you ?

Here it is, but not too short


The Armstrong Pull-up Program


This program was developed by Major Charles Lewis Armstrong. Major Armstrong

developed this workout to prepare him to set a new world record in number of pull-ups

completed in a single exercise session.


The program provides the necessities for any successful physical improvement regime,

namely variety, overload and regularity. Users have achieved remarkable results in only

6-8 weeks. This means that most, if not all, have been able to achieve the performance

level they desired, a set of 20 repetitions, as long as they are consistent with the program.

It cannot be overemphasized that this program depends upon regularity. Daily

performance of the exercises listed in the following paragraphs holds the true key to

reaching and maintaining the 20-repetition level.


The Morning Routine


Each morning, perform 3 maximum effort sets of normal push-ups. This is very

important!! The push-up is one of the best exercises for strengthening the entire set of

muscles making up the shoulder girdle. Major Armstrong described this morning routine

in the following manner: After rising, I would drop to the deck and do my first set of

push-ups. I would then move into the head and start my morning toilet. I would return

after a few minutes and do my second maximum effort set after which, I would go back

into the head and shave. After shaving I would return to the bedroom and complete the

third and final set. Having completed all of the push-ups, I was awake and ready for a

relaxing shower.


This routine should be followed during the entire training period. Since it takes most of

us at least four weeks to reach our goals, you will probably find that you have

inadvertently established a morning routine that is easy enough to keep as a lifetime

habit. If not you will at least appreciate the morning shower a little more.

I have noted that the push-up routine helps to alleviate any soreness during the first

couple of weeks. I recommend that you use the push-up routine every day during this

period so that you feel more comfortable during your initial adjustment to this regime of



Training Regimen


The following represents the heart of the training program. I recommend that you do not

attempt the pull-ups until two to three hours after the push-up routine is completed. The

program is conveniently divided into five training days. This is easily translated into a

Monday to Friday training schedule. It is important to cease the pull-ups for two days,

Saturday and Sunday. Further it is necessary to use consecutive days (not to skip days)

when on the pull-up routine. Finally, it is obviously more important to do the pull-ups

than the push-ups.


This training program was specifically designed to improve performance in the overhand

pull-up (palms facing away). The overhand method is the preferred method, but for now

do what you need to in order to complete the most repetitions for your PFT. Mix up your

training between underhand and overhand until you can do twenty both ways. The

program depends upon quality exercises – number of repetitions are secondary. When

you are doing these exercises, you should concentrate on perfect execution of each

repetition. The only person you can fool with less than your best is yourself.


Day 1


Five maximum effort sets. Rest 90 seconds between each set. Do not concern yourself

with numbers. You will find that you increase the numbers in the last two sets before you

see much improvement in the first three. Make sure that each set is a maximum effort set.


Day 2


Pyramid day. Start the pyramid with one repetition, the next set has two, and the next set

has three. Continue in this fashion until you miss a set (e.g. your last set was four then

five, your next set should be six but you only do four repetitions. You missed the set) Do

one more set at maximum effort. Rest 10 seconds for each repetition in the previous set.


Day 3


Do three training sets (training sets are defined later) with a normal grip (palms away or

toward you, hands slightly wider than shoulder width). Rest 60 seconds between each set.

Slide your hands together and palms toward you so your little fingers are 0-4 inches apart

and complete three more training sets resting 60 seconds between each set. Finally do

three training sets with a wide overhand grip (palms facing away) resting 60 seconds

between each set.


Day 4


Do the maximum number of training sets that you can accomplish. Rest 60 seconds

between each set. You do training sets until you fail to do a perfect training set. This day

can wind up being the longest training day as you continue with the program because you

will find it easy to do lots of training sets. If you can do more than nine training sets,

increase by one repetition next week.


Day 5


Repeat the day that you found to be the hardest in the previous four days. This may

change from week to week. You can also try to doing weighted pull-ups or a pull-up

assist machine for this day.



Training Sets


Training sets are easy to define, but require some experimentation to determine for the

individual participating in the program. A training set has a specified number of

repetitions. That means that one individual may have seven repetitions in his training set,

but another could have more or less. The key to determining the proper number of

repetitions in a training set comes on day 3. You must perform 9 training sets that day. If

you only do 12 repetitions on a max effort set, then your training set would probably only

be 1-3 repetitions. Remember, it is much more important that you complete all nine sets

than doing an extra rep and only completing 6 or 7 sets. Day 3 calls for you to do nine

training sets. Adjust your training set so that you can complete this routine properly.

The best gauge for the number of repetitions in a training set comes on day 4. If you

successfully complete day 3, try increasing the number of repetitions in your training set

by one when you do day 4. If you complete at least 9 training sets, then you know your

training set should be that higher number. If you do less than nine sets, stick with the

number you used for day 3.


It is important that you do not change the repetitions in a training set in midstream. When

you schedule yourself to do the day’s routine using three repetitions in your training set,

do not change it to two when the exercises get hard. If you miss, you miss. There is

always tomorrow.




Ladies will find that this program adapts well to the flexed arm hang. Training sets are

simply translated into hang times.


Chin-ups may be substituted for those who prefer this technique, however, day 3 must

still be completed exactly as described with 6 sets done with the overhand grip.


It is highly recommended that you follow this program using overhand grip as most of

the obstacles that you will have to get over at OCS require an overhand grip.


Final Thoughts


This program will work for anyone who makes a sincere effort. You may notice a drop in

your maximum effort set. This is a normal physiological reaction called "tear down." As

you continue, you will improve. Most of my midshipmen were able to reach the 20-

repetition level in a short period of time. They started the program able to do only twelve

to fifteen repetitions. If you are not at this level, it will take longer than four weeks to

reach 20 repetitions. However, if you stay with the program, you will reach this goal.

Disclaimer: It is very important to note that none of these physical training programs

should be started by anyone until you have consulted a licensed physician and you are

told you are medically qualified to begin this specific type of physical training.

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after one month of 60% fruitarianism, then one injury while doing squats, reducing going to gym from 4 times a week to 2 times a week, I expected to be more skinny on new photo (the left one). I see some progress in quads, but no progress in upper body. I was doing mostly squats, bench presses, and pull ups for the past 30 days.



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I'm gaining weight now (5 kg!), and lots of it is fat, so definition is getting bad. I want to gain more mass in order to be able to lift heavier, and in some 6-8 months I'll start with cardio and low fat fruitarianism (80/10/10) as I did before, to get definition back. I really hope I will improve my pecs someday! It seems that only my lats and BELLY are getting bigger so far

PS: I really DO have more then one peace of underwear



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here's the back shot. No definition at all (compared to my avatar pic), but the back is more thick, I didn't do all that dead-lifts in vain, I hope so... My waist is bigger now, so I'm slowly loosing desired V shape, but it's temporarly, as I said. As soon as I bulk a little, I'll be on low fat diet again.



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Thank you, guys!


Cold Fission,

My progress with bench is going OK, I can be satisfied with dead-lifts, but in squats I suck totally! Somethings wrong with me knees, they are just weak, I have strength in muscles, but knee joints are weak.

Bench: 70 kg

Dead-lifts: 75 kg

Squat: 60 kg

I have to mention, these are data for the maximum weight and 5 reps. Never tried just one rep, to se how much can I actually lift & go. Is it safe to do that at all?



My goals are just to get bigger, not so much to get stronger. I know it sounds stupid, but my goal is to promote vegan nutrition in Serbia and to look healthy. Nobody does that now here. Most vegans that we see here are thin, looking weak and even unhealthy. So lots of people have prejudices about vegans being weak. I already have some audience on facebook (5000 driends), and my cookbook is about to be published. So I need to LOOK stronger and BIGGER But I am aware that you can't get much bigger if don't get stronger first, so now I do compound exercises and bulk. And when summer comes, I'll cut.

What would you say about this pic? But honestly! Good for Facebook profile?:))))



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I think your progress is good - keep at it. You seem to make good gains steadily...


When I try to put on mass by eating extra cals., my belly easily stores the extra mass, lol. I have to really watch my cals. closely to make sure I stay in a good balance of exercise/activity vs. extra food intake.

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End of the 2010 photos. Gained 9 kg of fat/muscle since I have started with gym. Most of new mass is on my legs and belly I think. Back is not looking great, no definition, but you can't have everything I want more mass in 2011!



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hhahah, monster legs:))))

I did 5x5 for some time, then I quit since I have inborn arrhythmia issues and things get worse when I lift too heavy. So now I do just regular 4 day split with lots of sets and repetitions, and in my "back day" i do pull ups, barbell and T-bar rows, also cable pull downs. But the thing with pull ups is - now I have almost 10 kg more, and it's harder to do them, so the number of pull ups I can do actually decreased...

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