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World Cup fans in Toronto


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So I didn't know where to go, to watch the Dutch or Spanish fans. I wanted those shots where the team knows they won and begin to flip out. It was 0-0 so it's impossible to guess which location to visit to get those victory shots, but I really enjoyed the Dutch fans so I can't complain - also both sides of the game so that's a good side of visiting the losing side.

















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Great shots!

as always madam, your words are too kind

Love the shot of the spanish girl! I'm sure it wasn't easy to take the photos in the right moment..

oh snap, i didn't even notice that spanish flag. she was with all the dutch fans too, brave girl lol that is probably my favorite of the day to be honest though, a lot of editorial is luck. sure you gatta have a good eye for moments and faces, but sometimes things happen so quickly you just shoot away and pray you get a clean capture i love it!

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