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There are only 2 threads about parkour but they are about people who are already experts. I have found some videos which show the basic moves and explain how to do them.


I first learnt of the existence of parkour about 2 years ago. I have never done it. Two years ago I couldn't even stand without pain, never mind attempting to leap over high objects. I had hoped I would be able to start with the basics this year but I'll have to wait until next year before I am mobile enough to do it.


As I said in another thread, it would be useful for AR activists but it would also be a lot of fun. Just remember - look before you leap!


Here are some good videos of basic parkour moves. Just copy and paste the complete first line (the bits in bold) into the youtube search box. They will usually be the first one that comes up in the search. Check that the time is the same.


One or two or these start with a short advertisement.


Basic Kong Tutorial Parkourblog

2min 30 sec.


Parkour Tutorial: Wall-Run UrbanCurrent

4 min 58 sec. Very good, step-by-step instruction. He calls it a wall run but the wall run is usually something different. As far as I can tell this is usually called the wall hop or wall climb.


Parkour tutorial: WALL HOP kenzieSPOng3BOB

2 min 54 sec

Also, have a look for his wall hop over a 12 foot wall:

12ft wall climb (parkour) kenzieSP0ng3B0B


How to do Parkour : Parkour Training : The Cat Expert Village. Texas Parkour

1 min 45 sec


Parkour Tutorial (Basics) Team RKTR

7 min 10 sec Various vaults. No instruction but you can see how they do each one.


Parkour / Free Running - Basic Movements Dambrush

4 min 14 sec. Various vaults. Also some acrobatics. The wall flip might be useful if someone is running close behind you. The wall run (not shown, but search for wall run videos) could also be useful in that situation. Both could confuse them long enough for you to get away.


Learn Free Running and Parkour - The Gate Vault Tutorial StreetPulseParkour

2 min 21 sec


Parkour 11 Gate Vault morareduard

1 min 44 sec.


Ryan Doyle - Parkour Roll Tutorial

4 min 30 sec This is advanced. But could be useful if you have to jump off a high wall. There are lots of videos by other people showing how to roll.

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It's been over 4 years since this thread was active, and Parkour has gained monumental popularity in that time. Is anyone on here still practicing? I'm looking for a gym to train and practice in and a group of people to jam with. If there's anybody here still into it, get in touch!



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