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Facts Don't Matter


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There's a book called How we decide that is a good read on this.

A decision process goes through emotional and subconscious stages first before it goes to the rational part of the brain. In most cases, when it reaches the frontal lobe (the rational, conscious part) the decision is already made and the job of the conscious mind is to make up excuses for that decision. In my experience you have to let people look for the truth themselves and "update" the older parts of the brain so that better decisions can be made, you can't force it on people by rational arguments.

A culture will give people a standard set of "truths" about some objective reality. The result of that culture is obvious in many people. Our culture promises the individual a whole heap of things that it later seems to not deliver, but a lot of people still have "faith" in it.

I believe in changing people both emotionally and rationally and I believe that people will react more or less to one of the approaches depending on character. It's obvious and easy how to persuade people with rational arguments but much harder when it comes to the emotional ones.

I believe that showing people a "better" way is the way to do it. If your "updated culture" promises nothing better for the individual then people won't change. You have to be a walking proof that what you do delivers better results physically and emotionally than what most people are stuck in. This is my struggle .

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