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I wanted to create a nutrition plan / diet I could stick to, which would give me everything I needed to keep me healthy long term, and also something to help reduce weight until I reach a size I'm happy with.


After talking with Robert and some others, I'm trying to focus on whole foods, and cut out all sugar and nearly all processed foods.


So right now I am having smoothies with primarily bananas and spinach, but also flax, and berries (also take a B12 supplement in the morning). During the day I have a very small serving of oats, with a small serving of walnuts, almonds and sultanas, with flax and soy milk. For snacks I have more fruit - bananas, apples, pears, grapes, kiwi... Later in the day I have a large meal of vegetables - generally broccoli or kale with sweet potato, but also sometimes red kidney beans, sweet corn, or something else like a vegetable curry. I may also have another smoothie or a couple more pieces of fruit.


I was aiming for around 1800 calories per day, and as little fat as possible, whilst keeping protein up. I also wanted a very rigid diet that I could calculate every bit of, and not stray from it. But after talking more with Robert, I think it's best to vary what I'm eating per day. The reason for this is just that calories get used up so quickly when adding different foods, and it's actually easier for me to say "this meal will be kidney beans and sweetcorn", and then another day "broccoli and sweet potato"... it's more of a pain to prepare lots of little things, rather than just have a whole head of broccoli, or a whole can of beans etc. So I do switch it up now, so the numbers are not completely square per day. Still, I am getting around 100g of protein a day (usually more), and about 30g of fat, and usually around 1800 calories, sometimes a bit more or less, so it seems ok.quote]


Great posts man, really awesome progress. I am super curious as to how you manage 100+ grams protein per day, and keep calories to 1800+/-. I limit myself to between 1600 - 1800, but I am still scarfing a lot of tofu/processed stuff to get my protein. People say "add beans and stuff" but they are so high calorie, I worry about exceeding my limits. If you have any thoughts on this I would love to hear them. Also, would you ever consider listing out what you eat in a certain day? That would be sweet too.


\m/ Chris

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Had something great happen at work yesterday - a dude I work with found I was vegan, and said "You hear about vegans being all skinny and weak, but you're not". Stereotype destroyed! Keeps me motivated in my training, that's what we should aim for.



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