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Bean Cooking Tips questions

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How can I store beans after I cook it? And for how long? Because it's not worth it to cook it in little quanities.

in freezer. i think 1 or 2 months is OK.


I've kept beans in my freezer much longer than that in a freezer bag.


DONT DO THAT! God... its bad to freeze food that long.. No life force remains.. No Prana.. And with prior cooked beans .. Gas


Ideally cook on the day you want to eat. But for practicality.. you can do alternate days (I used to cook lentils / kidney / chick peas.. for 2 days of meals). Or maybe twice a week.

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I dont even know where to begin with that....


Fundamental premise.


Foods.. come from Life.. You can do whatever you want to a piece of stone.. You cant eat it or process it to give it "Life Force (Prana)" giving abilities.


For exactly the same reason that Veg food is recommended over "Meat" (dead food) in Ayurveda.. is that Meat has zero to no Prana.. Life giving Force.


Probably the reason why a lot of people feel a super kick with Raw / High Raw.. or Fruits (very high Prana).


OLD FOOD.. Has no Prana.. or low prana.. or zero..


Which is probably one reason why ... throughout traditional Indian Cuisine you'll be hard pressed to find anything thats Baked or Fermented... (typically done in other places to make FOOD with LONGER.. SHELF LIFE).. Ayurveda... highly recommends eating freshly cooked foods.. not older saved.. longer shelf life stuff..


Is very against foods fermented with yeast.


Then again.. Prana is not the only parameter when it comes to Food attributes as understood by Ayurveda (5000 year old Health & Life science).. Might help to look it up.

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