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Paige's Training Journal for upcoming Legacy Championships

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Thanks. Will post when I get something back from the photographer. Also worked with an international 20 year bodybuilder on posing, nutrition, and training. So here is the training plan for the next 6 weeks until my next contest in L.A.

4x per week 45 mins. cardio morning, 45 mins cardio evening. 4x/wk weight training, 2 body parts per day 3-4 sets of 15, 3 exercises per body part. The feedback is that I do not need to add anymore muscle only need to drop body fat at this point. I was told to lighten my weights alot. I think this defies everything they say about veganism. Also, he is writing me a vegan pre-contest diet, which should be really interesting. I will have it by Thursday. Really looking forward to it.

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Well today I was supposed to do double cardio. I just didn't have it in me. Did 45mins of running at 5am on empty stomach. 45mins of tris/bis. Weight training is tough after cardio. food was 2 sc. gemma post cardio and pre-weights, 2 sc gemma and one banana after work out, 2 scoops gemma at 9:30a, salad with all greens, flax oil and balsamic vinegar at lunch, 2sc gemma at 2pm, and dinner same as lunch. Will have some more protein powder at 7:30 so protein before bed. I just got my Lifetime vegan powder from Bodybuilding.com today so I will be using that this week. I love it but it is $25/lb. Yikes! I go through a lb. every 2 days.

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Well I have come to the conclusion that I will be in the gym 1x/day. I have tons of motivation at 5am but nothing in me, for a 5pm training. So everything has to be done at 5am, cardio and weights. Ran 5miles this morn, empty stomach. My feet are killing me now after 3 days running on the tread this week. Food was 6am 2sc prot powder, 1 banana, 8am 2 scoops powder, 12:00 lettuce, broccoli, brussels, 1/2 block tofu with balsamic and flax oil, 2:00 strawberries, blueberries, 3 scoops powder, 4:00 1/2 block tofu 1c brussels, 6:00 2 scoops powder (using Lifetime combo of gemma, hemp, rice, chia)

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yesterday ran for 30mins on an empty stomach then 45mins of legs then 20mins on the rotating stairs. Eating was a bit messy. Basically ate tofu, tempeh, protein powder, veggies, bananas and air-popped popcorn. Too much protein powder and tofu.

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So here is the new training/diet regime. Started today:

4am 2 cups coffee, 45 mins cardio, 2 scoops prot powder, bis/back 4sets of 15, wide grip pull downs, straight arm pulldowns, seated rows, hyperextensions, e-z bar curls, preacher curls, alternating curls, concentration curls. 7:30 am 1/2 grapefruit, 1 serving cream of wheat 9:30 one apple 12:00 6oz. sweet potato and 1/2c. lentils, 2:30 2 scoops protein powder 4:30 45 min. TM run 5:30 6oz. sweet potato, 1c lentils, 1c. broccoli, overall water consumption 1gal. Actually feel pretty good, considering I burned more cals in my workout then I actually ate.

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So day two on the new regime:

4am 2c coffee, 5am 45mins stair stepper/stair mill 6am 2sc prot powder Abs/quads and calves 7:30 1/2 grapefruit, 3T cream of wheat, 9:30 1 apple 12:00 1/2c lentils and 6oz. sw potato 2:30 2 scoops gemma 5:00 2 oz sweet potato 6:30 4oz sw potato 1c lentils 1c broccoli

5:30 45mins on treadmill run/high incline walk. Burned 1200 cals on my workouts today.

weight training was

abs: 4x25

leg raises

decline crunch

rope crunch


walking lunges 4x15 on a 15% incline treadmill

wall squat 4x 1min each


4x20 each of

standing calves

seated calves

I almost didn't make it through this workout today. Every moment I had to say: this rep/step is one rep/step closer to the physique of my dreams/a title. This program is really tough. I am telling myself that I only have to do it for one week.

I need alot of positive self talk right now. No negativism allowed. Total focus for 33 days.

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Wow! I have to say, "good for you!' Your work out's are butt kicking to say the least and what super dedication to your goals! I wish you all the best and that you achieve even more than you imagined! Thanks for sharing your journal!

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Thank you Celestial. I appreciate it.

Day 3:

4am 2c coffee 5am 45min cardio stair stepper/stair mill 6am 2scoops gemma weight training tris and chest, 7:30 3T cream of wheat 1/2 grapefruit, 9:30 apple 12 6oz. sweet potato and 1/2c lentils 2:30 2scoops gemma, 4:30 45min run/high incline TM walk 5:30 6oz. sweet potato, 1c lentils, 1c broccoli

weight training was:




bench dips

tri press down



incline press

cable crossovers



Really tough getting through workout. I dropped during my 3rd set of pushups. Fell flat on my face. I think that is what they call "to failure".

32 days to go.

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Thank you Gorilla.

Here it is for day 4:

4am 2c coffee 5am 45mins on stairmill 6am 2sc powder weight training abs/glutes/hams 7:30 1/2 grapefruit 3T cream of wheat 9:30 apple 12 1/2c lentils 6oz sweet potato 3p 2sc powder, 5:30 1c lentils, 1c broccoli 6oz sweet potato



4x25 incline crunch

4x25 rope crunch

4x15 hanging leg raises



4x20 lying ham curl

4x20 seated ham curl

4x15 straight legged deadlifts


Got through entire training strong. Feel good today. I am still surprised that I am not weak, lightheaded or dizzy on a little food and alot of training. I am hungry though. Overall doing well on this. I just need to stay very focused and committed. 31 days to go until the Iron Gladiator in Corona, CA.

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you're inspiring me to go to the gym early before work


i think it is advantageous to train early, then have those meals spread over the day, leaving the evening and nighttime to rest and not burden yourself by having food to digest in the evening/nighttime. i need to time my meals better!


having the powder at 6am should replenish your muscles and restore a positive nitrogen balance, and you're eating something every 2-3 hours during the day with the powder at 3pm as well so that's good.


should work well - the broccoli and sweet potatoes, and the lentils are all slow-burning energy so that's good too.


i would be craving avocado because it's simply my number one favourite food - i've been eating two avocados a day for ages. i went without for a few days and didn't feel as good. my favourite combo is avocados with tomatoes.


having said that i'm trying to get a lot more bananas into my diet now. and fresh dates - going for the 80/10/10 approach.


i know we've mentioned 80/10/10 - i guess with your powder you're getting in the amino acids and essential fatty acids that you need so that should cover it.


keep us posted

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Thanks Gorilla. Good to hear I can inspire someone. Well here it is for Day 5

4am 2c coffee 5am 45 min. stairmill 6am 2scoops prot powder then weight training shoulders/abs 7:30 1/2 grapefruit 3T cream of wheat 9:30 organic apple 12:00 1/2c lentils 6oz. sweet potato 2:30 2scoops powder 4:30 45min. on treadmill run/high incline walk 5:30 1c lentils, 1c broccoli 6 oz. sweet potato


weight training was:


military press 4x25

side raises 7x15

bent over seated delt raises 4x15


rope crunch 4x25

decline crunch 4x25

leg raises 4x15


Struggled with staying on my diet today, I had an extra cup of coffee to make it through. Felt depleted and tired mid morning. I haven't been sleeping that well since I started this. No time for slip ups. I am trying to avoid the news or any negative influences, if I can, to keep stress low. This helps me keep my diet and stay focused on my training. I turned back to reading novels to relax, works better than TV. 30 days to go.

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celestial: Thanks, I have to stay focused. I started prep a little late and this is my first big show of the season. Want to drop 16 lbs. in 5 weeks.

Gorilla: thanks for the support, I need it.

Here it is for day 6 on this program.

5am 45 mins. run/high incline walk 6am 2sc prot powder abs only 7am 1/2 grapefruit 3T cream of wheat 9:30 apple 11AM 1hr power yoga 12:00 1/2c lentils 6oz. sweet potato 2:30 2scoops prot. powder 5:30 1c lentils, 1c broccoli, 6oz. sweet potato


abs training

4x25 decline crunch

4x25 rope crunch

4x25 machine crunch


Sat was only supposed to be cardio and abs but I through in a yoga class. Diet is really hard on weekends so I needed more to do. Today is a total day off. That concerns me since boredom is a diet disaster for me. But I need to do a full day off so I can be physically ok to push through training for the week. I scheduled a massage for today. My back to killing me so that should help.

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djshrew: thanks!

Here it is for day 8. After one week, 7 days, I have dropped 7 lbs. Crazy to me that I did that so quick. Took yesterday off. The hardest day I have had so far.

Today was 4am 2c coffee 5am 45 mins on stairmill, 6am 2scoops prot powder bis and back training 7:30 3T cream of wheat 1/2 grapefruit 9:30 1 large apple 12 6oz sweet potato 1/2c lentils 3:00 2 scoops prot powder 4:15 45 mins treadmill high incline walk/run 5:30 1c broccoli, 1c lentils and 6oz sweet potato


training was



lat pull down 4x15

straigh arm lat pull downs 4x15

hyperextensions 4x15

low row 4x15


concentration curl 4x15

preacher culrs 4x15

e-z bar curls 4x15

standing alt curls 4x15


Felt pretty strong today. May be the day off yesterday but crazy sore from my deep tissue massage. My wrist is really hurting too. Back to wearing the brace during the day. I think that yoga was actually a bad idea on Sat. Got to stick with the plan. No space for extras. 27 days to go.

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celestial: of course you can compete on veg! I have more muscle now then when I was a meat eater. And thank you.

Day 9

4am 2c coffee 5am 45mins stair stepper 6am 2sc prot powder weight training quads/calves/abs 10a 1c strawberries 12 6oz. sweet potato 1/2c lentils 2:30 2scoops powder 5:30 1c broccoli, 1c lentils, 6oz. sweet potato



leg ext 4x20

walking lunges on incline treadmill 4x15

wall sit 4x for 1min.

standing calf raises 4x25


rope crunch 4x25

decline crunch 4x25

hanging leg raises 4x15


Tough morning. Really felt depleted mid morning. Also got angry because the scale was the same as yesterday. Needed 2 cups of coffee mid morn to make it through. Also worked too late to make it to a second cardio session, now I have to do it tomorrow night. 26 days to go.

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