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Need help with Finnish translation

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I was invited to join this facebook group from a friend of my family. of course it's all in Finnish and I have not a clue what it says. I think it has something to do with being vegetarian (the girl that sent it to me grew up veg. as her parents are vegetarian- at least they were when they visited my family last).



Jos 1250 Liittyy niin emme syö kasviksia vuoteen-





What is this group all about? thanks for the help

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When I was in college there was a group of punk music fan who called themselves "carinvores" who decided to live off of only meat. They quickly modified it to meat, corn and tomatoes. I know that eskimos survive on a meat only diet eating organ meats, but for the most part people can be vegans for a lifetime but I don't think people could last very long without produce of some kind.


It would be interesting to see how long these Finns make it( assuming they don't cheat )

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