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So, what a weekend!


After the gym on Friday I met up with my (recent) ex. Messy! three hours later and I wanted to hide under the covers for eternity.


I ended up drinking half a bottle of wine during the night, eating cupcakes, sleeping at 5: 30am.

Only to wake at 7:40.

I then attended a memorial service for a friend who committed suicide on Monday. It was a two hour drive away. Got there, drunk some more wine. Oh, had a soy mocha on the way (I hardly do chocolate and very seldom do coffee). I did also have some organic tomatoes, fruit and a wheatgrass shot however.


Got back in the evening, ate some pasta and sauce, drunk some more, went out, drunk some more. Until about 2am this morning when we finally slept.


So yesterday I didn't do my day 3. I did still start my day with pressups:



I woke (around 10) feeling pretty crappy!


AM pressups: 16-14-13

PM (Armstrong Program, Week3, Day3): Chinups: 4-4-4 Close-grip pullups: 4-4-4 Wide grip Chinups: 4-4-3


Decided I will do day four tomorrow and then have my two days off because I want to keep the cycle on the same days.

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I love that you're on my case brother!


Hell yes! However after the two day of depression and stress I had two days of illness, I tried to carry on but after two pullups was ready to hurl and collapse....


BUT two days ago I had a session with a personal trainer who really pushed me, and yesterday I ran 10km, plus the usual cycling, pressups (haven't managed to restart the armstrong routine yet), been carrying heavy things up stairs most of the day today, been eating pretty well, getting into my yoga.


Not enough sleep and waaaay too busy though.


AND on Monday I start a full-time industrial abseil contracting gig, so will be up and down stairs, climbing, and dangling from ropes all day while carrying/attached to some extra weight


This morning my pressups (the calluses on my knuckles are getting MEAN!) were 16-14-12 so kinda low, ,BUT I did do whole bunch of dips and pressups to break up the run last night (and without a days break since the gym) so I think the not-as-high-as-i-know-i-can-do number is due to my arms being a little weary.


Off for a few days, will update next week, I found some measurements from a number of months ago so looking forward to getting the chance to measure and compare!

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Took some measurements yesterday:


Chest - Inflated: 950mm

Deflated: 895

Waist: 795

Hips: 855

Thigh - Right: 535

Left: 535

Triceps - Right: 305

Left: 275

Biceps - Right: 325

Left: 305


I REALLY need to even out my arms!


And these measurements from 6 months ago:


Chest - Inflated: 915mm

Deflated: 867

Waist: 725

Hips: 865

Thigh - Right: 510

Left: 515

Triceps - Right: 265

Left: 251

Biceps - Right: 297

Left: 274

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Seems like you're getting bigger, ha? Only the hips are smaller, which is good, I assume.

Hm, never thought of taking measurements. I guess it's a good way to monitor your progress. I only look at the scale to see if I gained weight or not.

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Yes, getting bigger! Yeah I do wonder if a couple of the measurements are a bit out.


Ran 10.5km today, felt quite light and good


Spent the last week working, been busy as, not getting enough sleep, but fitting in random pullups/chinups and pressups, getting a good workout from work too.


Starting work means needing to create new routines....

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Monday I scrubbed a roof all day at work (mmmm asbestos), also up and down staris and ladders all day.

Tuesday I ran 12km, did some sets of pressups, chinups, dips, situps, yoga.

Wednesday, quick morning yoga, more scrubbing, ladders, stairs, and carrying heavy things.

Today more scrubbing, ladders, stairs, carrying heavy things, followed by a good 20 min of intense yoga and some chinups.


Also this evening I sparred with a friend who practices Kung Fu. He has an MMA match on Saturday, is on the verge of going pro. I now have a very sore shin, and am feeling like I've had a couple of really good workouts today.


Looking forward to more scrubbing tomorrow (no wonder my right arm is bigger than my left....) and catching up on sleep this weekend.


Have 10 days off work after tomorrow so will be putting myself back on the Armstrong program during this time, after a couple of days break.

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Started back on Armstrong yesterday, but have decided instead that I will do it every second day this time with no two day break.


Day 1: AM pressups (knuckles, of course!): 19-14-11

Ran 5km (22 min - ankle sore from the sparring last week)

PM pullups: 7-5-4-4-3


Also realised that in my journal prior to now I was getting chinups and pullups mixed up.


Been eating averagely as I'm pretty broke right now.

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Started back on Armstrong yesterday, but have decided instead that I will do it every second day this time with no two day break.

Interesting idea, it occurred to me, too. When I was on Armstrong I felt totally sore during the week and then, during the weekend break I felt too lazy. Maybe it's actually good thing to do! Let us know.

I'm doing this at home right now (except the one arm pull up, that's too advanced for me!)


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I have come to the realisation that although I do a bunch of heavy lifting and hard labour at work, it's not enough to advance my strength. This morning my pressups were a familiar 17-14-11. I want to get STRONGER damnit.


Once I return to work I MUST keep up a workout routine.


Looks like a good pullup workout. I usually incorporate straight leg lifts or knee lifts into my chinups/pullups.

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I think I was too hard on myself. Actually re-reading my journal here shows that I have actually advanced my strength, just not really by as much as I'd like. Persistence!


Day 2: Pullups - 1-2-3-4-5-4


I am rethinking the idea of skipping days and am instead going to alternate between pullups and chinups daily.


Been really tired today, but am off to buy fresh foods this evening, and will get a sleep in tomorrow

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Knuckle press-ups: 20-17-14


I did the press-ups slightly faster (but still working the negatives) and went down slightly less, I usually do them so my nose hits the floor, but left it about an inch higher this time. It felt better for something to do first thing in the morning


PM: Armstrong Day 3:

Pull-up normal grip: 4 Chin-up close grip: 4 Pull-up wide grip: 4 These were all easy, could've added another couple in each except the wide grip.


Feel GOOD today

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Armstrong Day 2: Chinups - 1-2-3-4-5-6-5-3


2 hours sleep. Up for work at 6.

Breakfast was a fruit salad with nuts, seeds, tahini, eaten in the car on the way to work.


Work included pulling 2x100m pairs of ropes up the side of a buildings as fast as I could, pulling and pushing a 102kg guy against a wall (we were abseiling with an overhang so had to use suction cups and pull each other into the wall), and general other laboury stuff.


Lunch was brown rice, hummus, banana, 1 slice of gluten free fruit bread, a samosa and 1/2 a dark chocolate peanut slab.


Dinner was baked falafel and a green salad with hummus (I dumpster dived HEAPS of hummus yesterday)


Drank diluted orange juice throughout the day and had snacks of an apple a prune and a banana.


Feeling good, but really need sleep. Tomorrow I am going on a long run

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7ish hours sleep.

Worked an 8.5 hour day abseiling. carried 200m of rope around on my back, and other lifting. Did some dips on some handrails.

After work ran about 10km including to the top of Mt Eden.



Breakfast: fruit salad with nuts and seeds.

Lunch: Banana, some hummus, an oaty bar (had a some tum)

Dinner: Black bean chili, brown rice, some fresh leafy greens.

Snacks: Banana, banana smoothie with some LSA, a red bean paste cookie, iskate



7ish hours sleep.

Worked a 9 hour day, painting.

After work, Pullups-4 Chinups-4 Wide grip pullups-4



Breakfast: fruit salad with nuts and seeds

Lunch: banana, left over chili, rice and greens, apple.

Dinner: a little left over chili and some pasta sauce (which had black beans in it also, my flatmate made this one, must be the black bean season) with wholegrain pasta. and avocado.


Not going to name my pullup workouts as Armstrong anymore as although I am following the general pattern, I have diverged from being on this program.

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Today worked, lots of arm work


After work pullups: 8-6-4 (did a set of 9 chinups when I first walked in the door also.)


Might be starting kickboxing tonight, just waiting on a call back, otherwise it'll be next week.


In other news, been training a little with a friend who does MMA, haven been going to Gymnsatics as my ex was starting there and I didn't want to be there also so just let her have it. Lots of work, haven't run recently as my running partner keeps canceling on me. And just keeping up with some pullups and chinups.


Will be putting up my karate boxing bag this weekend

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