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11 January 2012


Around 9.5h sleep.

Such a busy time today. Definitely won' t be anywhere near 9.5 hours tonight.



Lots of fruit today, a nut bar, two banana soy hemp smoothies, tofu vege stir-fry, brown rice, a big leftover/vege fry-up.



Jogged to a local playground.

Chin-ups: 5-5-5-5-5

Seated dips: 12-12-12-12-12 (! set with my daughter pushing down on my shoulders)

Press-ups (knuckles) 10-10-10-10-10

Bodyweight squats: Three sets of 30, however not very close to each other.

Leg raises: didn't count, just hung around doing leg raises, and the hanging cycle legs (not sure of the proper name heh...)


I do miss the gym though. But I found some plates at an opp shop yesterday so I should have some more home dumbell sets coming through

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12 January 2012


Back at work today, a fair bit of walking but that' s the most physical it got.

My back has been killing me all day - hard to stand up, or do anything. I think it' s from yesterday, running with my daughter on her rip-stick supported by my left arm. Oh well.


A bit of jogging this afternoon. Miss the gym, went in today only to use the shower after work! I should have at least weighed myself when there I couldn't do anything with my back like this though.


Oh yeah, I got a B12 shot yesterday too.


Ate an average amount of food today. Buying at work is expensive, and some of my food went off by my second work meal :/

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13 January 2012


I found myself with a small amount of time spare before I was due to pick my daughter up from day care today so I darted home, changed into my gym gears and hit the gym.


Warmup rows: setting 12 - 3m - .853km

dumbell rows: 15.5kg 10-10-10

overhead press: 20kg 12-12-9

pullups x6


And that was all I had time for.


My weight was 70.3kg, which is a bit of a bummer, but since starting work I have been getting much more general exercise and I know I've not been keeping up with the eating so much


Meal1: Fruit, nuts, seeds

Meal2: Small bean salad with tahini; half wholegrain sandwich; small nut bar; fruit; one small vietnamese vege wrap

Meal3: Toast; banana; soy banana hemp protein smoothie

Meal4: Lentil, vege, tofu, potato curry with brown rice; piece of chocolate cake.


I need to eat more!


I'm very keen to get into a 5x5 routine once I start hitting the gym again.

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14-15 January 2012


Weekend, busy times. Ate a lot, and did a few sets of overhead dumbell presses (10kg) and hammer curls, as well as some squats and a few other bits and pieces. I didn't log any of this work though.


Made a decision to get in two hemp protein shakes a day from now.


16 January 2012


First full gym visit in ~10 days.


Weighing in at 71kg exactly - I think the 72kg goal for January is still achievable.


Warmup rows: 3min @ setting 12, .719km

Overhead press 20kg 13-10-9-6 25kg 6

Bentover dumbell rows 20kg 5-5-5 22.5kg 5-5

Squat 40kg 5-5 45kg 5-5-5

dumbell bench press 2x15kg 5-5-5-5-10, last set immediately followed by 10 press-ups (knuckles)

dips 10-7-7

Followed by a couple of sets of leg raises, some asanas and stretching.


As of next Monday I will be regularly hitting the gym and am looking forward to it. I think I definitely want to up some of those weights a bit on a 5x5.

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17 January 2012


No workout today, a long day at work - plus it should be a scheduled rest today. Some heavy lifting there, abseiling, prying cladding off of balconies.


Meal1: Soy milk, soy lecithin, water and hemp protein mixed; half a slice of white toast bread with tahini and plum jam; Fresh fruit.

Meal2: tub of leftover brown rice and black beans; samosa.

Meal3: Orange; 2x250ml soy milk drinks

Meal4: Soy milk, tahini, fruit, hemp seed shake

Meal5: Middle Eastern lentil dish and wholemeal breads. Tub of leftover apple crumble

Also a snack today of a packet of cashew nuts.


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18-19 January 2012


It is impossible to get to the gym at the moment, so I have been trying to make do with pullups, pressups, dips, handstands whnever I get a few moments. I think it is good maintenance at the moment, but that is about it. Between organising my daughter, myself and work there is very little time. Two more days until I start at the gym regularly again.


Still keeping up eating well and with high protein and calorie levels, and overall happy with where I am.

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20 January 2012


Home workout this morning:

15 mins Kum Nye.

3 sets 20kg deadlifts

3 sets pullups (first two added 2.5kg plate)

3 sets seated dips,

3 sets pressups


Didn't count my reps.


Afternoon: ~3 hrs indoor rock climbing, and my fingers are like rubber!


Can't remember my meals, but have done pretty well, and heaps of fluids.


A good day overall, and now off to dinner.

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21 January 2012


So the dinner I had at a friends place last night consisted of white pasta with canned pasta sauce. Not what I would usually consume. I bought some tofu and fried it myself so that helped.


Been lazing a bit this morning and have only had a protein shake and two slices of toast thus far. I Must go food shopping today.

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22 January 2012


Today my daughter flew home, so I drove straight from the airport to gym:

Warmup row machine: 3min @ setting 12: .788km

Smith machine squat: 45kg 5-5 50kg 5-5-5

Dumbell bench press: 2x17.5kg 5-5-5-5 2x20kg 5

Pressups x10 immediately after the last press set

Dumbell bentover rows: 22.5kg 5-5-5-5-5

Overhead (military?) press: 30kg 5-5-4-4-4

Barbell curl: 25kg 12-7-7


Followed by yoga and stretching.


Had a good play on a local playground yesterday also which was great.


Also, I weighed in at 100g away from my January goal. wooo! Heaviest I have ever been.

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24 january 2012


Extremely tired today, I had fully intended to hit the gym after work today, when I got there I found I had left my gym shoes at home (if only they allowed bare feet) and once I got home have not felt like doing much at all.


Going to hit the zzzzs pretty soon and get a gym visit in tomorrow.

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And now it is 9:35pm and I have been on the go since 7:30am. I got 8 hours sleep last night but not much of a catch-up. third day out of the gym. LAME. Thankfully work has been medium intensity with the physical labour and tomorrow I will have time to get straight to the gym. Not many days left to make my goal happen!

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You must be lucky, our water's too bloody cold to swim in shorts haha !! Either that or you're just tougher than I am haha.


Oh it is a bit warmer up here, for sure. But then, I was swimming in Kapiti Coast waters in winter when I lived down there, so maybe just tougher (To be fair I did pretty much run in, dive, splash about and run out again.)

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26 January 2012


Finally feel like I'm starting to adjust back into work hours. Not so tired today. Hit the gym after work but wasn't achieving as much as my last visit.


Dumbell bench: 2x20kg 5-5-5-3 17.5kgx2 5

Squat (smith machine): 50kg 5-5-5-5-5

Overhead press: 30kg 5-4 25kg 5-5-5

Barbell Curls: 20kg 20 25kg 7-6

Dips: 8-5-6


Weight 71kg.

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29 January 2012


Today I started on a 3 day 5x5 cycle as per Ryan's article. Some of my weights were too low, working them out.


w/up rows: 3min @ setting 12: .876km

Dumbell shrugs: 2x22.5kg 5-5 25kg 5-5 27.5kg 5

Plate Grip: 10kg 1m-1m-1m-45s-1m

Deadlifts: 50kg 5-5-5 60kg 5-8


Weighing in at 71.5kg


Ate really well today. However I have sat around all weekend setting up Debian on my new netbook. This has left me feeling pretty gross.

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I have been SO busy recently. But I have still beern making it to the gym and logging my workoputs. I see progress every visit so things are rocking well. I have been doing a 5x5 program for the last 3-4 visits, it is going nicely but sometimes I wonder if it'll work well given that I am resting more days and doing less exercises. The ideas are good, and the proof is the endorsement and use by some very strong people.


I hope to have some end of Jan photos soon.


31 January 2012

w/up rows: 3min @ setting 12 .810lm

d/bell press 2x17.5kg 5 2x20kg 5-5-5-5

d/bell bentover row: 22.5kg 5-5-5-5-5

I was extremely hungry this session due to not having eaten for around 4 hours.

Weight: 71kg


2 February 2012

w/up rows: 3min@ setting 12 .694km

Smith machine back squat: 55kg 5-5-5-5-5

Military press: 25kg 5-5 30kg 5-5-6

Pullups (super wide) x4

Barbell curl: 20kg -20 25kg 6-6

Weight: 72.2kg


5 February 2012

w/up rows: 3min @ setiing 12 .790km

d/bell shrugs 2x25kg 5-5-5-5 27.5kg -5

plate grip: 10kg each hand - 1minx5

Deadlifts (shrug and deadlift machine): 60kg 5-5-5-5 70kg 5

Weight 71.1kg


While I haven't stabilised upto a constant over 72kg weight (my January goal) - I must be realistic and say that that was quite a hard one to pull off - in mid dec I was weighing around 69-70kg quite steadily, so I am still very proud of my progress. Bring on the next couple of kilos!

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