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Longtime Vegan, New to Portland, Oregon


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Hello everyone.

I'm Brandon, and I've been vegan for 15 years.

I've also been an athlete for 18 years.

I'm currently living in Portland, studying Environmental Design, Architecture, Art and Dance at PCC/PSU and apprenticing with a good friend as a tattoo artist.

I'm getting more serious about bicycle racing, and climbing, and taking a break from coaching competitive snowboarding and skiing.

I'm looking to meet more vegans around Portland who are into training and building a community of healthy, ambitious, driven, happy friends.

I've joined Team Green and will hopefully be heading the new Portland Chapter, and am a volunteer for NWVeg and a member of the local Vegan meetups and clubs.

I'm going to be hosting/organizing weekly vegan dinner parties and barbecues/picnics, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

Feel free to look me up on facebook, twitter and tumblr for updates and info.



@veganfiction on Twitter


Thanks for being here!

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