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Chelsea Clinton's wedding cake was organic, gluten-free & 50

Vegan Joe

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Formerly chubby Chelsea Clinton is so health-conscious that she ordered a gluten-free wedding that stood 4 feet tall and weighed 500 pounds!


Chelsea, 30, was a stunning bride in a gorgeous size 2 Vera Wang wedding gown when she married banker Marc Mezvinsky, 32, in Rhinebeck, N.Y., on July 31, 2010


Clinton, who battled weight issues as a child, reportedly lost over 30 pounds before her wedding by taking 45-90 minute spinning classes and working out at the gym several times a week.


To make sure her wedding cake was as healthy as possible, Chelsea (who's a vegan) ordered a 9-tiered wedding cake from La Tulipe Desserts in Westchester, N.Y.


According to CBS News, the cake, which cost $10,000-$12,000, was elegant and adorned with 1,000 edible sugar flowers:


Chelsea and Marc’s wedding cake was a whopping nine tiers, 500 pounds and 4-feet tall made by a 9-person team at La Tulipe Desserts in Hudson Valley. The cake was very traditional and elegant. It was mostly white with little accents of silver.


There were small circular designs on the base of each cake (almost like half-wheels of little silver beads) with 1,000 edible sugar flowers (mostly roses, a little bit of hydrangeas, calla lilies, and two types of orchids) that were delicately brushed with pearl accent.


Since Chelsea is allergic to gluten and is a vegan, the wedding cake was gluten-free (not vegan, though) and vanilla with dark chocolate mousse. Plus all the ingredients were local, and the cake was mostly organic.


Clinton, an alum of Stanford University, is currently a graduate student at Columbia University who previously worked at McKinsey & Co.


Her husband, Marc Mezvinsky (also a Stanford alum) is a banker at 3G Capital Management who previously worked at Goldman Sachs.


Chelsea and Marc live in downtown Manhattan in a posh apartment Mezvinsky purchased in 2008 for $3.8 million. [check out more stunning wedding photos (via Getty Images) in slideshow below]:

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Deadly Sin #6

Envy (Oh, that's right, God is dead)

Suppose most of us would be talking out the other side of our hat, if our Mommy and Daddy had made a bundle.


Jesus was all about power-mongering and greed like these uber wealthy politicians and international bankers right?

Not having personally know him, I take everything people say about him with a grain of salt.

And your point is?

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I don't think I've ever seen a thread derail quicker...

Only makes sense in a world where you're taught that your lack of success, or your failure is someone else's fault. Kinda lets you off the hook, when you can play the blame game. Little people are full of hate.

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