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Vegan safe contact lenses?


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So it's been a while since I had to order my contact lenses and was about to make my order when I came across this list of companies that test on animals (http://www.thevegetariansite.com/ethics_test.htm). My previous brand Bausch & Lomb, no surprise, is on the list; my second choice was Acuvue but they're owned by Johnson & Johnson


What band is vegan safe? Ciba vision? Coopervision?

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I've been so busy totally forgot about my contacts, two weeks left and I'll be out and picture day is beginning/middle of next month. O and the place I order from online believe is located in BC.

I've emailed the only two company's which I don't know where they stand, here's CooperVision quick response.


Thank you for your inquiry. I have emailed the U.S. and this would be the response that I have received.


Contact lenses are classified as medical devices and therefore are regulated by the FDA. Current laws administered by FDA, including the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act are intended to ensure product safety and effectiveness, thereby protecting consumer health. These laws place responsibility on FDA to ensure that medical devices are safe and effective. Animal testing by manufacturers seeking to market new products is often necessary to establish product safety. Therefore when required by the FDA, CooperVision must follow these guidelines. You may wish to visit http://www.fda.gov for more information regarding FDA's position on animal testing and medical devices.






Coopervision Canada Corp.

Guess I'm not surprised but glad I got response.



I guess Lasik's always a vegan option.
True but present $$$ an issue but in the future it's definitely something I may consider.
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Thanks for your interest in CIBA VISION products and contacting us. We are always interested in consumer questions and happy to be of assistance.

CIBA Vision has invested a great deal of effort to eliminate animal testing during its routine product development process. Our innovative research methods involve testing our products on cells, not animals. Certain regulatory authorities still require certain animal tests as part of their product approval processes. The majority of the animal testing that CIBA Vision does is to fulfill these requirements.



CIBA VISION Professional Affairs / Patient Relations

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As far as I know, contacts and contact solution are considered a pharmaceutical product so legally they all have to be tested on animals


There is one brand of solution sold in the states that isnt tested on animals. Clear Conscience is what it's called if my memory serves

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The contact lens case is often a harbor for bacteria and as such, should be replaced regularly or cleaned. Cleaning of a lens case involves briefly placing the case in boiling water after having manually cleaned the case. If you have a spare pair of lenses in your medicine cabinet, try to replace the solution and clean the case every two weeks.

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