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Flat arms?

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I've started lifting again (it feels great). I've only been at it six weeks but I'm already noticing my biceps and triceps getting bigger. Anyway, it appears as though my arms are growing out but not getting denser. Does that make sense? Is this normal? Will my arms appear more rounded as I continue to build muscle or should I be doing something else?

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Here's what I'm doing:


Day A:


Barbell bench press

Dumbbell triceps extension

Dumbbell incline flies

Assisted triceps dips

Triceps rope pulldown


Day B:


Barbell deadlifts

Dumbbell curls

Lateral pulldown

Barbell curls

Rope hammer curls


Day C:


Barbell incline bench press

Seated leg press

Dumbbell shoulder press

Seated leg extension

Dumbbell shoulder shrugs

Dumbbell side raises and/or front raises

Leg curls

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