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Started training yesterday.


Ran for half an hour to see where cardio was, not too bad.Did some sand dune running aswell.


Lifted weights:Chest and shoulders.


Bench Press-80kgs 5reps 3sets

Incline Bench Press-60kgs 8reps 3sets

Dumbbell Flyers-2x18kg 8reps 3 sets


Dumbbell military press-2x18kgs 8reps 3sets

Kettlebell military press-2x24kg 6reps 2sets

dumbbell rear deltoid raise2x10kgs 10reps 3sets





So far today tested muay thai on punching bag for 3 rounds.Not used to it at all.Shoulders so weary from weights night before.Also left jab is not as good as it used to be.




Lifting weights again in a few hours after i eat something.

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Alright, just did weights.Later than planned(left it till midnight lol), because i was bloated from something i ate after training earlier.Better late than never though!


Legs, biceps and abs:


Barbell squats-82kg 8reps 1set

--------------90kg 8reps 3sets

Barbell Lunges-48kg 8reps each leg 3sets

Calf Raises


Barbell curl-22kg 8reps 1set

-----------30kg 8reps 1set

-----------22kg 8reps 1set

Reverse barbell curl-22kgs 8reps 3sets


Sit ups-20reps 3sets

Oblique crunches-15reps 3sets





God i can't wait to be in shape and ready for battle again!


I will train everyday.

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Trained tonight after work.I had 2 options:Go hang out on a Saturday night with old friends or lift weights....LIFT WEIGHTS!!!!!!!


Tricepts, back and neck.


Barbell tricept press-60kg 8reps 3sets

Tricept pull downs-??kg 10reps 3 sets

Tricept extension-??kg 8reps 3sets


Pull ups(palms forward)-bodyweight 8reps-6reps-4reps(weak lol)

Barbell rows-40kg 10reps 3sets

Deadlifts-90kg 8reps 4sets


Shrugs-2x24kg 15reps 3sets

Various neck bridging exercises.




Alright, got the first workouts done.Now time to make some gains!

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Muscles were still sore from the last chest workout so i'll have to wait till tomorrow to do them again.


Practiced Muay Thai again today and got in 1 more round then last time.Still grueling though.


Will start eating disciplined now also.


Must become greatest fighter ever.

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Late night but a good day of training.


It's been a week now since going from lazy as anyone can EVER get to training fairly consistently.Now that i have broken my body in, it's time to up the intensity and duration of my training.


Ran for cardio for half an hour.


Trained muay thai.


Watched 300 until midnight then became so inspired that i had no option but to train through early morning!


Chest and shoulders


Bench Press-80kgs 6reps 3sets

Incline Bench press-65kgs 7reps 3sets

Flyers-2x18kgs-8reps 3sets


Military dumbbell press-2x18kg 8reps

Kettlebell military press-2x24kg 6reps 2sets

Military dumbbell press-2x18kgs 8reps

dumbbell rear deltoid raise2x10kgs 10reps 3sets

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fuck i did not feel good today.


i woke up sweating even though it was really cold and went to work without enough sleep and was feeling like a zombie.the top of my throat hurts for some reason too.


even now my body is over heated when its a cold winter night.i hope i feel better tomorrow.


i hope its not an allergy to a food i ate.i don't think i have any allergies so i doubt it.


worst thing is i was on a roll with training and already making strength gains after just 7days training.


feels bad man

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Don't worry and don't let that make you give up your entire plan to work out regularly. I think those things happen because we tend to overtrain in the beginning, when we are still weak. And if you're sick, lay down, get over it, miss few work outs and then come back and start with lighter intensity, till you feel really better. That happened to me too, when I decided to go to gym few months ago. I've just started to be regular in the gym and then flu hit me and made me lay in bed for days... But as soon as I felt better, I was back, working out!

Really, if you're feeling sick, maybe it is a good idea to stay home and miss next workout. You know nothing can stop you, right! TO THE DEATH!

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what's happening? I hope you haven't reached the DEATH point!



AHhhh get back in the gym!!!


I trained last night but i'm still sick lol


I couldn't wait any more than a week so i lifted but kept it as the same weight as the last leg, bicep and abs training last time.


Should be 100% by the weekend.


I'll just practice muay thai today to keep my technique getting better.


I really want to try some 1 rep max lifts soon.

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Just dropping in to say hi. I think you're awesome. I've read some of your other posts outside of this journal. I will be following you. I think you may be sick because you've been over training a bit. I may not know much, but I do know you've been doing an awful lot.


I hope you feel better soon and I wish I were in Australia right now for the winter because it is a really hot summer here in the US. I don't even live in a state that you would typically think of as very warm, but Missouri is horrible. The humidity is at like 98% all year round which makes the heat feel hotter and the cold feel colder. SUCKS.


Look forward to an update.

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Thanks for the support you guys, it motivates me when i see people are watching.


Trained some muay thai in the afternoon and lifted weights late at night.


Tricepts back and neck.


Same as usual but did 100kg deadlifts for 6 reps on my last 2 sets.


I'll go for some 1 rep max lifts not this weekend but the weekend after.

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