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Holy Sh*t! Trained with Vegan Essentials again

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Hey everyone,


I trained with our resident muscle monster Vegan Essentials a couple of years ago in Los Angeles and now I'm here in Wisconsin working at the Vegan Essentials office all week. Today he took me to a Power Lifting/Strongman training center.


Let's just say I had my ass handed to me! I was left lying on the ground gasping for air after only a few sets of power exercises.


Today I used the prowler to push across the parking lot, a sledge hammer to hit a giant tire, some dumbbells, and other exercises involving a tire. Vegan Essentials was busy doing barbell rack pulls and lifting heavy stones.


Man, that was tough!


Here are a few photos that reveal how small I've become as a result of this book tour and how huge Ryan Wilson is!


Note, I know my weights look small, and they are, but it was the speed and the distance I was focused on!





















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Thanks for the pics, Robert! Talk about your sweaty days! You guys really worked. Both lookin' pretty handsome in that second-to-last photo. I think the last one with you collapsed on the floor should be your new avatar image--a sort of commemorative photo to remind you of what you survived. Ha, ha!


Good work, guys. Beast, nice job shredding the crap out of Robert.


Baby Herc

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