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THE FRESH VEGAN - new episode ;)


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Always great to see you posting! You're one of our original members from 2005 who also helped the forum with technical issues early on and I will always appreciate that!


Thanks for being in touch over the years too!


You rock my friend!

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Hi, Attila!

I liked your videos! Your physique is flawless! And what can I say about your site- wenn ich etwas auf Deutsch lese, alles klingt besser!:D

I lived in Germany for 3 years during my postgraduate studies and had maybe craziest days of my life:)))

I see you already have success and I'm very glad. I too have plans to promote vegan kitchen where I live. I see you have cooking classes, maybe I'll try that too. Yeah, vegan power! Alles Gute!

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