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Anyone from the area or have been there? I'll be there on business for the next two weeks and am looking for restaurant recommendations. According to happycow there's no vegetarian places other than Indian (which I like), though plenty of veggie-friendly ones. I guess I'm spoiled being smack between NYC and Philadelphia.


Any experiences?

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As promised, places a vegan can eat in Raliegh:


Remedy Diner



Abyssinia Ethiopian

(veg plates are vegan)




Lilly's Pizza has soy cheese (daiya), but they use honey in the crust




Third Place has a lot of veg options

(They used to be 100% veg, but I think now offer bacon as a side order since they're under new



(right next to Lilly's Pizza)


Global Village- best coffee and vegan hummus paninis



And some links with more suggestions:







Tower Indian restaurant

(ask what is not dairy; if you go for lunch at the buffet, they will usually bring you more vegan options if the buffet is lacking. So many vegans go there, so don't worry)


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Thanks again.


The Remedy Diner is pretty good. They're basically a bar with a few tables and some food service. Their vegan chichen buffalo wings are tasty--basically just mass manufacturered vegan chicken nuggets in buffalo wing sauce with homemade blue cheese dressing. I went there twice, getting the philly fakesteak and the meatball sub, both were pretty good.


Lilly's Pizza is very good as well. They have no idea what daiya is, it's just "vegan cheese." They also now have vegan chicken on the menu as a pizza topping. Good stuff, though I'd greatly prefer if there wasn't honey in the crust.


Turns out I'll actually be in NYC next week instead then back to Raleigh for another two weeks, so I'll check out those other places later.

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