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Rob and I, a few others too


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Here are some pictures of when Rob came and crashed at my pad a few times this summer, in some of them I am doing Thai massage, in one he is being a weird ass and giving my veg shoes lovin,and a pic of my vegan tat cause I dont think I ever posted it.

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Hey zinzen!


Thanks for posting pics. I was going to post them as well with my summer highlight pics meeting up with forum members which I've been doing in many cities.


Thanks so much for hosting me a couple of times as I traveled through Cleveland.


PS, I won't be going to Toronto after all. Vega wanted me to opt for the DC option because Brendan will be in Toronto. So DC is where I'll be Sept. 11th.


I'll be back in Chicago for Chicago Vegan Mania on Oct. 2nd though


Have fun wherever you end up for your b-day.


Thanks again for hosting me and for the music you hooked me up with. I've been listening to the tunes everyday.



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I love the Asian girl too ! Asian girls rule


Zinzen that looks like Thai massage ? That's what I do too. Be careful with your posture though, your back, if you wanna be massage therapist for a long time, using the body well is the key. Take care of yourself to be able to take better care of others

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The shirt is Plant Strong from Engine 2 Diet by Rip Esselstyn.


I actually found out I won't be back to Chicago for Vegan Mania after all but I will be back again next summer for the VegFest.


zinzen is great! Super cool guy. Stayed with him twice this year

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