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Old Spice Guy Is A Vegan

ronnie kray

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you know who i'm talking about...



Isaiah Mustafa (aka "The Old Spice Guy") was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno recently,

where he divulged the secret to his physique is a vegan diet, "nothing with a face, no animals or animal by-products".


Old Spice Guy discusses his diet


though it doesn't sound like he's normally a vegan, it does at least show that more and more personal trainers are recommending veganism as the best diet to stay in shape, and also hilights the results that you can get when you leave behind a meat based diet.

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yeah his trainer put him on a vegan diet. i would have like to hear him more enthusiatic about it. but at the same time, i'm hoping people get the message that it works. and Tony Horton (his trainer) is a minor celebrity himself. he's fairly well known from all those P90X infomercials. so if he's advocating it, the Old Spice Guy is doing it, i'm just hoping someone watching might say, "maybe i should give this vegan thing a try". so i'll file this one under the "any publicity is good publicity" file.

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