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Hell yes... lets kick up the intensity!!!!


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After my lifting workout, I have some rice/pea/hemp protein with coconut or flaxseed oil, 8 oz water and 8 oz rice or almond milk, and usually frozen mango or a banana thrown in, 5 grams creatine, 5 grams glutamine, 5 grams BCAA. Sometimes I add spirulina powder and spinach. About an hour after that, I have rolled oats with some raisins or whole grain toast with natural peanut butter and jam.


I'm wondering though, now that I am switching to T-Th-Sat early-morning cardio only (prob HIIT), should I eat anything before I head to the gym? I know it's prob best to have nothing and do it on an empty stomach, but if I have to have SOMETHING, should it just be a protein/fat source? Like maybe either a small protein shake with water or 1 tbsp natural peanut butter? I know I want to stay away from carbs before cardio, right?


I also have (on the way to the gym - but I save it mostly for during the workout) water with either an Emergen-C packet or powdered Gatorade drink with 5 grams creatine, 5 grams BCAA, 5 grams glutamine and 2 grams Beta Alanine. I use creatine, BCAA powder and glutamine both before and after, 5 grams each time. Sometimes I also crush 200 mg caffeine in that drink, as well. Just depends how I feel. I try not to get dependent on that.


Also, I usually have an apple before my lifting workouts or toast with jam (I generally workout by 7:00 a.m. every morning so I don't want to eat a real "meal" at that time yet.) I almost always follow my lifting AND cardio sessions with my rice/pea/hemp protein shake listed above, then I eat something like rolled oats or brown rice and bean tortilla, rice cake with peanut butter or almonds and dried fruit or soy yogurt with nuts, about an hour or two later.


Should I still have the protein drink after my cardio only sessions that I'm going to be starting? In other words, the post-workout nutrition stays the same, regardless of whether you've just done cardio-only or lifted weights? That's where I'm unsure.....and I'm not sure of the proper carb/protein ratio for post-workout either. I used to try and do 2:1 or 3:1.

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Ok.. your post w/o shake sounds pretty good. You definitely need carbs immediately after working out as that's your primary shuttle for glycogen and nutrients feeding the muscles. At this time carbs will NOT stand a chance at being turned in to adipose tissue.


As far as Pre-cardio a little protein and fat is a good idea. Something to sustain you but honestly I think people over think this some. Do what you feel is good in that situation but do not take BCAA's before cardio only sessions. Your body will immediately use it up as an energy source and it's just been wasted. Overall you have to look at cardio as a means to an over all goal at the end of the day - calories in vs calories out. The debate on cardio with an empty stomach will never be conclusive, the main fact is that it's getting done and of course in the most efficient manner... ie. HIIT. If you can not do HIIT then by all means any other way is still not BAD. If you properly execute a HIIT session it should be no longer than 15 - 20 minutes. That's the beauty of it!!! It's gotta be INTENSE though!


Your pre-workout regimen sounds great as well! Those are the vital basics necessary to saturate the muscles.. if you want you can drop the glutamine pre-w/o though as it will just get burned up as fuel. Plus the only way to truly get enough glutamine to the muscles is to ingest quite a bit, upwards of 30g/ day. Most of it gets absorbed in the stomach lining.


Your system sounds great overall! Very awesome stuff there.. overall like I said just be sure to get mostly Protein and Carbs after workout with minimal fat at that moment. The fat will slow it all down and you want those nutrients absorbed as quick as possible.



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Thanks so much! I really appreciate the input.


Okay...so...do I really even need to supplement with Glutamine at all, since it's already in my post-workout shakes? I keep using it (mostly because I've read that it can curb cravings) but if I don't really need it, then I will ditch it completely. It's just wasted money really, and I'm all about cutting out what I don't need. Otherwise, if I keep it, I should only use it post-workout, is what you're saying? And keep the BCAA powder, but only use it pre- and post-workout on LIFTING days...have I got it right?

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