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Shy 'hi' from Norfolk, England :)


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Hi, I'm a bit new to all this, I'm Ellie, 24 years old, from Norfolk in England and I've been vegan for nearly four years now, and vegetarian for another four or so before that. I wanted to be veggie when I was a child because I never was comfortable with eating animals, they are my friends, but my family thought it was unhealthy and unnatural and wouldn't let me! Undeterred I began to slowly drop more and more animal-derived products from my diet and lifestyle, did as much research as I could, did a Higher National Diploma in Animal Science and Welfare at college and started work at Hillside Animal Sanctuary, a sanctuary that not only rescues and campaigns for farm animals, but also promotes an animal-friendly lifestyle, their cafe (where I work now) serves only vegan foods and drinks!


And last year I met Richard (one of the moderators on this site) through Hillside, he works at their main sanctuary and I work at their new one He has encouraged me so much and given me the confidence to really be proud of being vegan and to take it to new levels, I've always been little, I'm only 5' 3ish" but Richard has got me into working out, lifting weights and I've joined the gym with him and am really enjoying it! I want to show my family, and other skeptics, that being vegan doesn't mean being a weakling, that you can be much healthier and strong, and this site certainly proves that!


As well as getting all muscly (I hope), I enjoy reading, films, photography, am very interested in conservation and eco stuff, animal welfare and animal behavior - well animals in general really! I also like drawing, gaming, rock music, eating and I volunteer at a cat sanctuary


I haven't really done much training yet, just a bit of weight lifting and cardio at home and the gym but I want to get into a better routine and actually record my progress. I also should start eating more healthily - but biscuits and twiglets are so tempting...Anyhoo, enough rambling, I just really hope to improve my overall health and strength and I'm so glad I have such a supportive and knowledgeable boyfriend, and this site to help me

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Hi everybody, thanks for making me feel so welcome


Twiglets? I had to look them up on wiki, I never heard of them!
Wow, don't you have them in America? They used not to be vegan, they had whey or something nasty like that in them but looks like they've changed the recipe woop!
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Welcome Ellie!


Sorry it took me a few days to welcome you. I'm out traveling around. Richard is one of my favorite people....please tell him hello from me as well!


Great to have you here. We have a fun community, some people I've known for 5 years and this summer I've traveled all over the US meeting up with forum members for places to stay...in fact, as I type I am at Octopussior's house


Thanks for joining our community!


All the best and welcome aboard!



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Hello Ellie - I used to live in King's Lynn before moving to Cambridgeshire. Where did you study Animal Welfare? Before coming to the USA 18 years ago, I worked at the Cambridgeshire College of Agriculture and Horticulture at Milton near Cambridge, which is now part of West Anglia College. Small world isn't it?

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