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Vegan Hot Pot - China style


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Chinese hot pot is the BEST! We eat it all winter here and warms ya to the core!

we use an electric hotplate with a pot of boiling water. Everyone sits around the pot and adds the veggies/tofu they want then takes them out when they want to eat it. Usually accompanied by a small dish of peanut/sesame sauce with the option of minced garlic, chili pepper oil, sesame oil or aged salty tofu (a red cube of paste). SO, after the veggies/tofu are ready, take out and dip in the sauce and enjoy! Hot pots can last hours if your not careful! always end with a bowl of delicious broth and perhaps some hand-pulled noodles.

The usual list of items:

sweet potatoes

frozen tofu (my favorite)



shitake mushrooms

regular firm tofu

romaine lettuce

large green onion (to flavor the pot)

fresh ginger slices (to flavor the pot)

Sichuan peppercorns (to flavor the pot)



canola greens

mustard greens

dandelion greens



noodles - wheat or rice starch (to signal the end of the meal)


they don't usually use carrots or celery here but it would be a great addition!

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That is so cool! So people just put in their veggies, I assume in a very large pot?, and wait for them to cook then dress them with the condiments how they want? Is that how it works? I LOVE this idea


Yes that's exactly how it works! So easy and a great atmosphere with friends. put in the veggies/tofu, take them out and eat! the broth at the end with fresh noodles is tops! Let me know if you try it and what you think of the results!

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