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New group has been started on Facebook. We are doing advocacy to change the image of vegans. We no longer want people to view vegans as weak, sick and frail. We believe there are a lot of egos out there who have a need to perform and be part of the best, therefore if the best athletes or a large number are vegan then many may try it themselves. We are going to change that myth one person at a time. Rob Bigwood (pro vegan armwrestler) and I have created the group to highlight and showcase all of every day vegans who are pushing veganism to the next level. Please search on facebook for VEGAN STRONG and join! We will keep the section with videos, articles and constant updates to keep the group alive. Feel free to add videos or articles that are related.


This came from two situations that happened that made me think wow people are really are clueless about vegans.


First was I went to a bar with my vegan bodybuilding shirt and the bouncer read it and lauged. " That is pretty funny he told me." I was no look at the website it is not a joke this is for real. He looked at me like he saw a ghost ... oh! he said.


The other was I had my veganbodybuilding bumper sticker on my car and while sitting in traffic I saw a teenager sitting next to his mom and his mom pointed to my bumper sticker and they started laughing. I think people don't get it. So I am starting a campaign to break that myth.

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