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I want to compete in bikini division within the year!

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Ahh! Yesterday I forgot to post my food! And now I don't remember exactly what I ate. I DO remember it was an average day as far as food goes, so I can assume that means something like oatmeal for breakfast, a nectarine for a snack , a salad or a wrap for lunch and probably a smoothie for dinner. Lol I'm so predictable. Today isn't much different.


meal 1: smoothie with 1/4 almonds (180) chai vega whole foods health optimizer (120) 1/3 cup blueberries (30)


meal 2: nectarine! (70)


meal 3: went out to lunch at this amazing restaurant called watercress, they have some great vegan food! I got a huge salad with apples, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado, and seitan (this was fried and totally gross, I actually felt sick after that!) Because of the avocado and seitan I would think this meal is closer to 700 cals


meal 4: vega whole food health optimizer (I need to stop drinking it or I'll run out fast! But it's so. freaking. good.)


post-workout: vega protein (110)


meal 5: smoothie made from 1/2 banana (45) 1/4 cup oats (75) lettuce (15) 1/6 cup blueberries (15) 1 tbsp brown rice protein (60) and 1 tbsp cocoa powder (10)

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Man! I'm not on top of it with my food journal. Yesterday I had 2 smoothies (one for breakfast and one for lunch) and a squash for dinner and some tempeh. I had vega after working out, a nectarine for snack. The usual. Okay moving on to today....


I recently found this website crazysexylife.com and I love it! A lot of the articles are by Kris Carr, the girl who made the documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer. I haven't seen the movie yet; but it's supposed to be about this girl with "incurable" cancer who took a totally wholistic approach and vowed to abolish her cancer through diet and lifestyle changes. I ordered the movie and want to see it now! While I don't personally have cancer, I have a lot if friends who are deeply affected by it, and I'd be interested in what they have to say about the effect of diet and lifestyle on our health. I believe in the power of wholeness completely; and am hoping to haev the willpower/soundness of mind to experiment with it a bit myself. I recently turned 25 and although I'm really happy with my life I'm finding areas that I want to "detox"; if I have negative thoughts or people in my life I want to get rid of them! I truly want to embrace life more and be a more joyful person. Part of that is having a detoxifying diet. I feel like it's hard to do that for me; I normally eat pretty healthy, and I find the more I think about trying to eat healthy the harder it is. It's just easy to eat what I like and not focus on "alkalanizing" or "raw" or any of those other things. I usually get bummed out when I try to change my diet from what I'd normally try to eat. BUt I really do want to know about if eating alkalanizing food really does reduce inflammation and lead to greater health. I originally wanted to dive right in and have just veggie smoothies all day and feel the magic! But I think I'd go batty. So I'm trying to gradually incorporate more and more of those foods into my diet, while making sure they are delicious and nourishing Took a day off from working out today because I realized I hadn't in over a week! Feels nice but strange to have so much extra time.


Meal 1: smoothie (already doing great! lol) with 1 scoop vega whole food health optimizer (120) 1/2 banana (45) 1 scoop brown rice protein (60) lots of mized greens (15)


meal 2: nectarine (70)


meal 3: miso soup with 1 tbsp miso (40) 1 sheet nori (10) seitan (140) 1/4 cup edamame (60) carrot (30) daikon (30) onion (10)


meal 4: nectarine (70)


meal 5: tried another green smoothie with JUST greens and whole food health optimizer and it ended up being way too much volume-wise and just the taste in general wasn't good. Only drank like half of it. The other half is waiting for me in the fridge tomorrow (gah! it's aliiive!!!!) (100)


meal 5 continued...consoled myself with an apple (70) and almonds (180) and cocoa powder (20) and blueberries! (30) soooo much better tasting it's not even funny. It's amazing what a little fruit can do for a smoothie! I might blend some into my veggie one tomorrow to break up the taste. That's it!


Have a great day.

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Progress pics tomorrow! I honestly don't know if I've made any progress these past few weeks, but I feel like I've been slowly moving towards a diet and exercise plan that's best for me. I've experimented with so many things in such a short period of time, that I haven't yet "settled" into the best way to do everything for me. First I tried heavy lifting, then p90x, and now (after reading the bikini preparation guide) I realize I really don't need to build muscle, I just need to shape and tone my legs and make sure my waist is small and my arms are toned. I've recently started doing cardio every other day and jillian michaels no more trouble zones on the other days. As far as diet goes, I've gone from higher protein to experimenting more with raw, and now I'm moving towards somewhat of a mix between the two. I'm excited to see how everything turns out in the long run!


pre-workout: 1/2 apple (45)


post-workout: vega (110)


meal 1: smoothie with 1 scoop brown rice protein (60) banana (70) coconut oil (50) spinach (15) and 1/3 cup blueberries (30)


meal 2: 1/2 apple (70)


meal 3: smoothie with 2 tbsp pb (180) cocoa powder (20) papaya (70) spinach (15) cilantro (10)


meal 4: dinner out where I had hummus and pita bread, an amazing salad with blackberries, avocado, onions, pineapple, and grapes (500-700)


Didn't feel too hungry today honestly! But felt way energized Now I'm dead tired even though it's only 10pm lol...going out to dinner with friends and an exhausting week will do that!

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Thank you so much! When I took progress pics today, I was a little worried because I didn't feel like I looked any different. After looking through my new pics I feel like there was so improvement so that made me happy! It's nice to know you're not working hard for nothing. ALSO I found out that I'm going to be a mentor for Team in Training this season which I'm SO excited about! Team in Training is a group that trains for marathons, half marathons, triathlons, and other raises while raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. I did it last year and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! This year I'm coming back as a mentor, which means it's basically my job to motivate and train with the new participants; send out motivational emails etc. I'm so excited! I know it puts the bikini competition a little farther away than I'd originally planned (now I'm shooting to be ready by next August, the marathon is next March) and I'm going to try and focus on staying toned during the season and try not to lose muscle definition. I think all this running will really tone my legs and help me stay slim; it'll be interesting to do this on a vegan diet! last year I wasn't vegan, and it definitely changes things a little. Also today was fun and my friends and I went out to eat and ran around denver like crazy people most of the day. I literally wasn't home all day. I'm usually someone who likes to go out but stay in and relax later on, but it was nice to really get out and stay out for a bit! Here's my food for the day.


meal 1: smoothie with vega whole foods health optimizer (120) 1 tbsp brown rice protein (60) grapes (30) mixed greens (15) celery (15) Amazingly, this tasted delicious! I was bummed about my green smoothies the other day and I think the grapes really give it some freshness! It was good!


pre-workout: 1/2 apple (45)


post-workout: 1/2 apple (45) vega protein (110)


lunch: Delicious almonds (180) with cocoa powder (20) and a smoothie with vega whole food health optimizer (120) grapes (30) celery (30) greens (15) 1/2 banana (45)


early dinner: awesome salad from downtown with tofu, avocado, grapes, pine nuts, strawberries, and 1/2 slice bread (?? no idea 500?) and two bites of my friends vegan coconut cream pie! I read the first two bites are the ones you taste the most! (50)


snacky snack: carob faux cocoa (20)

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planning so many things, so excited about life! Not writing down food as a result, lol. I'll get back into it in a bit, but food has been good these past few days


meal 1: smoothie with vega whole food health optimizer (120) celery (15) mixed greens (15) banana (70) grapes (30)


meal 2: apple (70)


meal 3: butternut squash (50) and cabbage leaf wraps (15) with tempeh (180) and avocado (100) and salsa (15) and cilantro (15) and greens (10)


meal 4: 1/2 scoop whole foods heal optimizer (60)


post-workout: vega protein (110)


meal 5: almonds (180) on top of a salad with spinach (15) and jicima (30) and blueberries (15) and cilantro (5) and salsa (15) and other half of butternut squash! (50)

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Taking a break from food journaling (at least on here! I've got one at home...) but I feel like I'm eating such similar things every day it would get boring for people reading about my food! But THIS is what I've been up to. Should I run a marathon in LA or Paris?



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Hey Robert! Thanks for asking, that's really sweet of you! Things have been pretty tough since the beginning of November...I started getting really sick and having no energy and having trouble keeping down food. It got so bad I had to bail on training (at my doctors advice, I totally fought him on it!) for my marathon for my friend...it almost killed me. I'm still mentoring for the marathon group; I go to the runs every Saturday morning just to wish everyone good luck, and then drive back home in my car where I do some yoga Luckily, about a week ago, I went to a holistic healing doctor and they found out I have parasites, goodness knows what from! I'm glad to finally know what's going on; I've been doing this parasite cleanse dealie and am already starting to feel a little better. I ran for the first time in a while a few days ago, and felt pretty good! Today I picked up some weights but barely made it through what used to be easy for me. It's frustrating to see how weak I've gotten! The end of 2010 seemed to be full of fitness roadblocks, and I'm hoping 2011 will totally rock to make up for it! Apparently it takes a while to get rid of parasites, but I'm doing my best and hope to do something amazing this year. I'm getting really excited about yoga; maybe getting sick is really a blessing in disguise! My boyfriend and I went to Hawaii this Thanksgiving to take a breather and rest while I was feeling icky. I included a pic of us at a Luau! How are you?


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