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The Swolehouse Chronicles: Blog and Training

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I figure I may as well finally start this. I will update as frequently as I can about training, diet, success and/or failures. For those that have no clue who I am yet, go here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=22229


First entry:


I'm still holding right at 190lbs during this switch of becoming a vegan and trying to get the right amount of calories in. The second week I actually was down 3lbs but now that's already back up and I have kicked my training back in to full swing. I always take a "de-load" after every 8 - 12 weeks or when my body just feels burned out. How long my "de-load" is will vary. I usually don't like to go more than 3 or 4 days, but this last one was a week straight. Now during the short time off it's not always void of lifting, however, if I do lift it's very low intensity.. really just go in there to get some blood in to the muscles. That's it! The main focus is to keep the calories the same and just focus on recovery!!! Maybe a little cardio.. it's all in how I feel.


I have mentioned in a couple threads about a new way of training for me. Up until recently I have truly made some great progress with a very basic 5x5 setup and just being consistent, which is something I try to make everyone understand the importance of. At this time I have a good amount of weight on my frame (considering where I started) and I'm really focusing on getting that bodybuilder shape now, not just putting on size for the sake of size. So now I am really expanding the type of lifts I use and the rep schemes/ intensity. It's not all about the weight anymore, it's about truly putting the muscle to work and bringing in extreme fascia stretching. The past couple weeks the intensity has been a tad lower but I have been focusing on the mind/muscle connection and that has actually forced about some changes in my form. Not that my form was bad, but it was more for powerlifting or rather just moving weight from A to B. A slight change in angle of my arms or legs is making a huuuuge difference in how the muscle gets hit and finding ways to eliminate certain assisting muscles as to truly put focus on another is working well so far. In fact by doing this and also adding more volume my chest has made a noticeable difference in only two weeks!


I am going to give it a little more time and when I get the tweaks worked out I will post the final version of the routine. All I can say now is that I'm hitting each bodypart twice a week. 6 days on and 1 day off. If I need an extra day off for whatever reason I have no problem doing so.


I'll update soon!

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192lbs!!! WOOOOOO!


been having some awesome workouts this week and today especially was pretty severe!!!


Warm up:


Leg extensions (one leg at a time) - 50lbs x 30 reps x 3 sets


this is just to get the blood flowing.. I do not currently use extensions as an actual lift right now



Back Squat:


135 x 20

225 x 10

275 x 10

Drop set:

315 x 6, 225 x 10, 135 x 20 (puke)... not really but damn close!




I do these one leg at a time for a set then switch out. The reason is because I don't have a clear path in the gym to just walk.


(note: each rep the knee touches the ground)

125 x 15 (legs are fucking shot from squats lol)

125 x 10

125 x 10


Leg Curls: (also done one leg at a time)


85 x 20

105 x 16

105 x 16 (OMFG had to wait a little bit before using the next leg on these because it was painful. I go very slow on these!)


Calf Machine: this thing is sick!!! Can't really explain how it's set up but know it does allow a great stretch!!! I do calves a very particular way because throwing a lot of weight on and repping it out just wasn't doing shit for them. Here is the way that has actually made progress. (i do these one leg at a time too) I push to full lock out and slooowwwly retract with about a 5 count until I reach the full stretch of the calf and hold for 10 - 15 seconds (it burns!), repeat!!! Just get as many as possible it's KILLER! There's another twist to these as well but I'll save that for the next time I hit calves... which is Saturday! hahahaha


Weighted Hyper Extensions:


45 x alot

25 x alot

BW x too many!


Lol I don't count these, I just go until my back is beyond pumped and it's hard to walk. LOL yes hard to walk because of a back pump, anyone who has experienced this will understand




That's one type of leg day for me Basic yet effective!

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