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Hello from OZ


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Hi guys,


I am a herbivore since birth. I have never eaten meat, fish, chicken, eggs, etc or any animal product. My parents are also veggie more than 35 years each.


Glad to find a bodybuilding forum. My friend and I train and we are both vegetarian but it is hard to work out some dietary issues. I am 5"10 and 75kg but if I don't watch my diet I get to around 85kg.


Look forward to reading all the good info here. Cheers.


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Well, I am glad that philosophically I agreed totally with my parents position when I thought about it once I was older. I was always very disciplined as a child and would even refuse cake at 3 or 4 if it had egg in it.


I am living proof that you really don't need meat to survive or thrive.


As I always say to meat eaters, "The only thing you eat for protein is vegetarians"

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Yeah powertec rocks...although I have had issues with the threads in some of the accessories not lining up properly and some bolts not screwing in the whole way because of poor quality threads in the object getting screwed. These issues have been fixed with workarounds.


Overall I am very happy with machine but wouldn't buy the accessories again as quality seems much lower.



Here I am enjoying Sedona Arizona. USA rocks


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