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Winnipeg Annual Vegan Festival

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Those of you interested in a great opportunity to be part of the committee for the Annual Vegan Festival here in Winnipeg are invited to come out on September 4th to Affinity Vegetarian Garden at 5PM to learn more.

We will be looking for people to head up the following committees

-Food & Beverage

-Set Up/Decoration

-Progra...ms & Events



-Publicity (Public Relations & Invitations)


-Event Sponsors & Exhibitors

If you require more information please email

[email protected]

Thank you and we hope to see you there!

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This Wednesday September 22 @ 6PM we will be having another meeting for the WAVF (Winnipeg Annual Vegan Festival) If you are intersted on getting on board feel free to come out and join us at LaBamba restaruant 222 Osborne

(They are making Vegan Ice Cream just for us!)

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