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Looking like Daniel Craig in Quantom of Solace Mission

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Hi guys


So ive started a funny mission: get the daniel craig body before christmas.... HEHEHHE!


Why? Always enjoyed his look and feel that i can do it.


Ive been training for many years, everything from football, army, bodybuilding, triathlon etc.




After scanning the net for his workout i found the best at Ask Men.





Even though i made my own variation of it.


Day 1: Incline Bench Press

Incline Barbell


Front Raises

Reverse Pec dec flye

shoulder press

Biceps curl

Cable pulldown for triceps



Dumbbell lunges

Hamstring curl

Leg extensions

Calf Raises



Not used to doing full body workout, but since i have a nice layer of fat on my body, i need to have alot of cardio in my workout.


So the workout is strength every other day and cardio the three others days, rest on sunday.


Please comment my workout, this is btw a pic of the bodyshape im gonna achieve http://www.empireonline.com/images/features/buffed-up-actors/daniel-craig-casino-royale.jpg





Pics of my shape comes within a couple of days


My height is 179 cm

weight 84 kgs

fat% 17


Need to reach about 10%...



My diet will consist of Intermittent Fasting, doing 1 gram protein kg and 3 gram karbs per kg.


Supplements are hemp-protein and sunwarrior.

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Hi. Thanks for your reply.


Yes, that is an one day full body workout. Never tried a full body workout before, have done one session with it and i kinda liked the program. Loads of variations, i also train with high intensity so it only takes about 1.5 hours to complete.


Should i make it a split or is it good enough?

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If you're planning on doing that 3 days a week, split it. It's just too much. Also, I don't see squats? what's that about?


Hit you shoulders and legs hard one day, and your back/chest another day and your arms a different day. or something like that. depends how you like to do it. Or, dial down the routine. less exercises per body part w/ more reps. PM if you're intrigued by what I'm saying here and I'll try to help more.

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